UGC to be dissolved

UGC to be dissolved, Modi Government to set up new higher education commission in India.

This is one of the biggest decision towards reforming the higher education system of India.  The Narendra Modi Government has decided to withdraw the University Grants Commission which was set up under the UGC act 1951 and planning towards UGC to be dissolved has taken forth in a new development Unable of establishing a single higher education framework that included all regulatory bodies as intended earlier The Ministry of human resource development has decided to withdraw UGC and it’s patent Legislation completely which enables the HERC to focus on setting up academic standards for higher education and also ensure their implementation. The HECI will be entrusted with the penal powers to order the closure of the institutes that violate the set norms, impose fines where necessary and order for imprisonment up to three years where needed. The HECI act of 2018 is expected to be presented in the parliament in the coming monsoon session and with the Modi’s government term coming to an end it will not be easy to get the parliamentary clearance for a fresh legislation The All India Council for technical education ( AICTE)  and the national council for teacher education will not be subsumed by the HECI. The main focus areas of HECI will be reducing over governance of institutions, there will be a huge focus on academic quality with a strong focus on improving learning outcomes, evaluating academic performance by institutions, training of the teachers, the technology use and so on. The HECI will also lay down standards for the opening and closing of institutes, providing greater flexibility and freedom to institutes. This decision comes as a result of the criticism of the UGC and its regulatory regime by a number of committees. Various Committees have proposed a single education system to get rid of red tape and lethargy in higher education.      

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