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UGC Invites Ideas For Bharat Padhe Online Campaign

An appeal for Inviting ideas/ suggestions for Bharat Padhe Online campaign

The University Grants Commission has been requesting the academic community to make productive use of the lockdown period in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

To ensure uninterrupted teaching and learning at home and minimize academic loss by leveraging the potential of ICT, UGC has, in the recent past, also shared links of digital platforms developed by MHRD and UGC with a request to create awareness amongst the academic fraternity, using the institutions’ websites, e-mail and sharing through social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These digital platforms can be accessed by teachers, students and researchers in universities and colleges and also by lifelong learners. In this regard, UGC has also constituted an expert committee to make recommendations on the pooling of e-resources and enhancing the online education systems in the country.

The Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has initiated a campaign “Bharat Padhe Online” inviting suggestions and sharing of ideas from the academic fraternity including students and teachers to boost e-learning and intensifying online education in India.

This can be done in two ways: one by logging into Twitter and sharing ideas/suggestions by using #BharatPadheOnline and tagging @HRDMinistry & @DrRPNishank and secondly, by sending an e-mail at

The last date for sending the ideas/suggestions is 16th April 2020. All universities and colleges are requested to share details of the Bharat Padhe Online campaign with teachers, students, researchers, and experts requesting them to provide their valuable inputs on twitter or via e-mail as per the details provided above.

We need to continue with our coordinated and collective efforts to fight COVID-19 and also make productive use of our time during the prevailing situation by adopting ICT for the teaching-learning process and contribute towards the intellectual wealth of the nation.

Check out the update in PDF below

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3 thoughts on “UGC Invites Ideas For Bharat Padhe Online Campaign

  1. Dr. Sunil G. Deshpande says:

    Any ONLINE EDUCATIONAL TOOL must comply 2 mandatory conditions for its effective results

    1) Communication of Contents
    (One may use multimedia it any other platform)

    2) Occurance of Learning

    The drawback in most of the online tool is that, they give more importance to first part, by putting lot of efforts

    However same efforts are not reflected in achieving second part. How teacher can ensure whether learning occurs or not.

    The topic wise test, self assignment and exercises shall be spread all over the online lessons.

    If we look at the online mode used by distance mode educational organisation, the rate of drop out us very high. The main reason for this absence of
    “Re-intergration of Teaching Acts.”

    If online module is prepared by including suitable Re-intergration of Teaching Acts” then only the effective teaching learning is possible.

  2. Sumati Salunkhe says:

    Live classroom environment is totally different from virtual one. Teacher can response from students whether they digest or not what they are being taught. Some students ask doubts raise questions that leads to different aspects of the subject. Repetition takes place for better understanding, examples are given past or current ones for making the topic easy.
    Virtual or online learning has it’s own plus or minus points. First teacher training must be priority then selection of teachers for doing job.

  3. HOD, Electrical says:

    I am giving my views.
    As per the current scenario 50% of the students in higher education are supported by Govt. Besides this there are few more students who’s parents can hardly meet both the ends. So chances of students not having laptop or desktop and internet is quite common. Also >15% of the students are residing in more interior of the villages where net connectivity is hardly possible. Such students are now relying on whatsup. These students can hardly attend the online classes and will have to surrender to whatsup. Overall a pool proof system for online learning is essential. However the points to be noted are,

    1. We need to ensure the attendance of students and ensure whether the learning has happened or no??
    3. Zoom supports only for 40 minutes which id not sufficient for engineering education and also security of online classrooms is of great concern and need to be ensured.
    4. Interruption in Net connectivity is another problem to be tackled.
    5. We need to categorize the students based on technological facilities available to them.
    6. We have to ensure that the assignments/Tutorials/reports submitted by students are plagiarism free.
    7. Automation of evaluation is essential for assignments/tutorials and Exams
    8. Quick finalization of online teaching/evaluation aids needs to be done at institutional level /university level for affiliated colleges /state level/central level.
    9. This must be further assisted by Online Training to teachers and students by whosoever concerned
    10 Most importantly online teaching must be made mandatory to teachers first without which this will run at its own slow pace.
    thank you

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