UGC Guidelines Ban SIngle- Use Plastic

UGC Guidelines Issued for Ban of Plastics

The UGC Guidelines asks HEI’s to ban single-use Plastics

The UGC Guidelines has been issued to support a mass revolution against single-use Plastic. This is issued by The University Grants Commission (UGC) for all higher education institutions across the country to force a ban on single-use plastic.

The move comes before of Prime Minister Narendra Modi starting a mass revolution toward single-use plastic. This will be launching on 2nd October on occasion of 150th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

UGC Guidelines Implications

  • The UGC guidelines say that the Higher Education Institutions(HEI’s) should systematically ban in their campuses the usage of single used plastic. Also, it must be exchanged with “environment-friendly substitutes.”
  • It also mandates that all higher education organisation in the country should ban single-use plastics in the institution’s premises. This includes canteens, hostels and shopping complexes too.
  • The Higher Education Institutions will run workshops and drives for the harmful effects of single-use plastics.
  • It will mandate to avoid usage of non-bio-degradable plastic items to the institution.
  • Installation of necessary alternative facilities to avoid the use of plastic-like water units.
  • The UGC guidelines also ask the institutions to inspire the students to sensitise their individual households about the adverse effects of plastics and make their households ‘plastic-free’. 

UGC Guidelines for Ban of Plastic use in Higher Education Institutions

“Carry out awareness drives and sensitisation workshops on the harmful impacts of single-use plastics, mandate all students to avoid bringing non-bio-degradable plastic items to the institution, install necessary alternative facilities like water units to avoid the use of plastic,” The UGC guidelines state.

The guidelines are an effort to boost the universities and colleges to adopt policies and practices towards a cleaner and plastic-free campuses.

How to Spread this in Rural Area?

The guidelines also ask the higher education institutes, which have parented villages under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, to initiate a campaign in their parented villages.

It should be running until all of them converted into ‘plastic-free villages’.

It can be done through promoting knowledge and encouraging the change to alternative products.

The higher education regulator said that plastic trash has appeared as one of the biggest environmental concerns while issuing the guidelines. It adversely impacting the soil, water, health and well-being of citizens at high. 

Now, it’s the show time to come for a systematic campaign to minimise the use of plastics.

The educational institutions have the unique spread and influence to educate the students and households on the need to avoid the usage of plastics. 

Prime Minister Modi in his Independence Day speech had asked citizens to reduce the use of single-use plastic. Also suggested that shopkeepers should give eco-friendly bags to the consumers.

Its the time for all citizens of the country join hands in controlling single-use plastic. He said this in his monthly address “Mann Ki Baat”.

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