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Indian Government And EdTech Startups Reshaping The Education Landscape With Teacher Upskilling

The Indian EdTech startup culture has been thriving in recent years, with many platforms emerging to cater to the diverse needs of the education sector. These have not just been catering to young students but are also bridging the gap for continuous learning and upskilling by providing the youth and avid learners an excellent platform […]

UP Budget 2023: Yogi Govt Must Practice What It Preaches To Bag Success in 2024

The Yogi Government 2.0 looks formidable and is marching ahead every day with its incorruptible commitment to the people of the state to make Uttar Pradesh the most prominent center for investment, infrastructure, and inclusiveness. The bold, decisive, and disciplined leadership of the chief minister is the key to how the state has transformed its […]

NEP’s Inclusivity Vision Impractical, Says Cabral

Inclusivity Vision Impractical

PWD minister Nilesh Cabral on Sunday said that though the New Education Policy stresses inclusive education for children with special needs, it was an “impractical” idea. “I don’t know who has done that (formulated the NEP), but it’s not practical,” Cabral said while addressing a gathering at the inauguration of the new building of Chetna […]

Only 15% higher education courses in India have NBA accreditation, says Sahasrabudhe

Only around 15 percent of higher education courses in India have accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) although such accreditation offers worldwide recognition through Washington Accord. NBA chairman Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe said this on Thursday while stressing on the importance of accreditation to higher education courses. Sahasrabudhe was in Mumbai as a guest […]

Indian Institutions Have A ‘Brilliant Moron’ Problem. Only Rajeev Bhargava Can Save Them

Indian Institutions

Brilliant morons. That’s what I think of many of the highly educated Indians that I come across. The financial consultant analyses the share market with amazing equanimity and perspective but spouts the worst stereotypes about women. The brilliant software engineer is sensitive to the invisible Western and White dominance but asserts that caste has ceased […]

Delhi University Admissions 2023: Through CUET, informs Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Yogesh Singh on Wednesday talked about the Chaos created in the varsity because of the BBC Documentary screening. He asserted that he will not tolerate indiscipline in the university and alleged that a few student organisations called for the screening of the documentary aiming chaos on the campus of […]

Higher Education Department’s Revised Order Mum On Rollout Of College Admissions Portal

Higher Education Department's Revised Order Mum On Rollout Of College Admissions Portal

The higher education department on Wednesday issued a revised order that said it had only taken “preparatory steps” for the use of a centralised online admission portal for undergraduate general degree courses. This order does not mention when the new admission mechanism will be rolled out. The department had on Tuesday evening issued an order […]

MIT-WPU: Applications Open For A Host Of Industry-Relevant, New-Age Programmes

MIT-WPU: Applications Open

One of the most prevalent challenges faced by the Indian higher education landscape is the gap between industry and academia, which has left several graduates underprepared for the real-time problem-solving requirements of the job market. Today, the industry is seeking technologically-savvy, innovative, and multidisciplinary leaders who can disrupt the business and research sectors with their […]

In Higher Secondary Education English Exam Paper, Students Find One Answer Printed, 2 Questions Missing In Maharashtra

In Higher Secondary Education English Exam Paper, Students Find One Answer Printed, 2 Questions Missing In Maharashtra

HSC exams kicked off on Tuesday with controversy over three questions in the poetry section of the English paper. One of the questions had the answer printed while the other two had no questions, but a reference line to poetry stating, “Accept any reasonably correct answer“. Students who attempted this questions-compulsory and not optional-will get […]

Technology Should Be Used To Prepare Students For Better Results: Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik

Technology Should Be Used To Prepare Students

Students should be encouraged to take up research work, and understand the transformation that is happening, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said during the joining of new professors and lecturers on Monday. “As many as 914 Assistant professors and lecturers today joined various colleges in the state. While 321 Lecturers joined the Teachers’ Training Colleges, […]