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Foreign Universities in India Why the Australians Appear to have Taken the Lead

Foreign Universities in India

On March 8, in the presence of visiting Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Deakin University announced the opening of its first international campus outside Australia. Called the Deakin International Branch Campus (IBC), it will be set up in the smart business district of GIFT City in Gujarat and classes will begin in July 2024. Deakin […]

Foreign Universities To Enter India A Futuristic Move For The Country’s Education System

Foreign Universities To Enter India

These days, many students want to go overseas to seek high-quality higher education. But we also know the burden of taking education loans as well as the emotional struggle of moving to a different country, away from your family. What if we told you there’s a way out — you can study on foreign campuses […]

Why Foreign Universities Are Reluctant to Establish Campuses in India

Foreign Universities

Nearly 800,000 youngsters join foreign universities every year in search of quality education and entrepreneurial training, resulting in a massive outflow of resources – $3 billion – to finance their education.

Foreign Universities Entering India And A New Digital University: Watershed Changes In Higher Education

No Proposal From Foreign Varsities To Set Campus In India Despite UGC’s Invitation Mos Education

In India, currently, the gross enrolment ratio for Higher Education is less than 30%. This means that in the short term, all the people who are college aspirants may not find the right opportunity for graduation since the number of college seats cannot change drastically overnight. The reasons for this could be many but there […]