Senior Faculty Members of Mysuru Private Aided Colleges Face Redundancy

senior faculty members

Senior faculty members in Mysuru Private unaided colleges are facing redundancy after delivering their services in the education sector for decades.

After referring to the uncertainty over admissions the Mysuru private unaided colleges across the state have started firing thousands of senior faculty members. Many of these senior faculty members have delivered their services for decades.
The colleges’ preference is changing. They are looking for more of the younger faculty members who are tech-savvy and can easily handle the shift to online classes.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic colleges, universities and educational institutions are closed since March. Online mode of education is the only solution present. It has been seen that many senior faculty members are struggling to get used to the new mode of imparting education. Moreover, many academics fear that the online mode of education could affect the quality of education.  

Authorities of Directorate of Collegiate Education (DCE) conferred the pandemic has severely affected the running of 315 private aided colleges. Also, it has affected the private unaided colleges in equal numbers across the state. Even in aided colleges, many temporary faculty members have been laid off.

Faculty members from various institutions claimed that the management is asking both teaching and non-teaching faculties to resign from their posts.  This is because of the low rate of revenue generated in the past few months due to the prevailing pandemic. It has made it difficult for the management to run the institutions with extra staff.

YA Narayana Swamy, MLC from teachers’ constituency said that “Around 605 of the teachers in degree colleges have been laid off. The need of the hour is strict action against these private institutions which deny salaries and dismiss faculty members.”

YA Narayana Swamy added that “The government must insist at least 10 years’ audit of the institutions to find out the truth. It is not fair to slack teachers on the ground that no fees is being collected”.

KR Venugopal, VC of Bangalore University conferred that colleges are presented with a dilemma now.
He added “It is true that the colleges are slacking lecturers but we don’t have any jurisdiction on these colleges. If we question they cite no-fee payment by students. We don’t have an answer for this. Since the government itself has asked them not to collect fees, colleges are in a financial crisis”.

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