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The Scope of Computer Science in India

Computers and computing are computer science,including the theoretical and algorithmic foundations, software, and processing information through computers. Computer science study needs strong mathematics and engineering base as the courses deal with probability, queueing theory,  statistics, and electronic circuit design. In Future Scope of Computer Science in India constantly increasing in India.

In 2019, the most popular engineering course was Computer science, and even now, it continues to be the same.

The Engeering of Computer Science

Computer science is gaining more popularity as the world becomes more reliant on codes, algorithms, and networks. No doubt, the students studying computer science engineering are becoming the most lucrative career globally.

5 disciplines together comprise the subject of Computer Science. They are-

  • Computer science
  • Information systems
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Information technology

Since 1991,organizations like-

  • Association for Information Systems [AIS],
  • Association for Computing Machinery [ACM],
  • IEEE Computer Society [IEEE-CS],

They are working together to create a broad curriculum and taxonomy of these 5 interdisciplinary subjects that should be followed globally by all educational institutions for their research programs and graduate and undergraduate courses.

The computer science course is currently one of the most lucrative courses because the students of this field land up in a very lucrative career and In Future the scope of computer science is Increases very fastly .If someone wants to become a computer engineer, he/she needs to study BTech computer science.

Advantages of Studying Computer Science

If someone wishes to study computer science but is confused regarding the advantages, then here are a few advantages that can let them decide if they should pursue this course.

The Computer Science of India

SourceBML Munjal University

The advantages are-

  • Computer science graduates can join any job sector, starting from education to top MNCs.
  • The graduates in computer science get a good average salary compared to other courses graduates.
  • A student can earn while studying if he/she is studying computer science.
  • Computer science course makes a student a globally competent professional.

The Diversity of Modern Subjects Taught in Computer Science Engineering

CSE is not only a popular subject due to its career prospect, but it’s popular due to the diverse subjects it includes in its curriculum, like-

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet of Things
  • BlockChain
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning

What are the Career Scopes of Computer Science in India?

Computer science is one of the maximum sought-after courses these days. Irrespective of the colleges one studies, the big MNCs’ are hiring computer engineers. Basic knowledge, good communication skills, and the right attitude are needed to crack the interviews. In Future scope of computer science is constantly increasing in India. Here in this graph, we can find this-

IT Industry in India(US$

Top MNCs’ Hiring Computer Engineers

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Cognizant
  • Wipro Technologies
  • Yahoo!
  • Google
  • Accenture
  • Infosys Technologies
  • Tech Mahindra
  • HP
  • iGATE
  • Capgemini
  • HCL Technologies
  • Godrej Infotech
  • L&T
  • EY
  • MphasiS
  • Genpact
  • Convergys

The metropolitan cities in India, like Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, etc., have become the hub of employment because of the number of IT companies settling here habitat.

Top Colleges in India for BTech Computer Science

Name of College  City  Program Fee  
Indian Institute of Technology (IITB)  Mumbai  Rs 8-8.55 lakh  
Oxford Engineering College  Bengaluru  Rs 7.40-8 lakh  
AMC Engineering College  Bengaluru  Rs 2.38-3.5 lakh  
Anand International College of Engineering  Jaipur  Rs 3.16-4 lakh  
BML Munjal UniversityGurgaonRs 12.5 lakh

Top Job Profiles and Roles Offered after BTech Computer Science


A Computer Science lecturer or professor teaches the studentsthe basics of Computer applications and designs applicable in the field.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers work to generate codes for software applications and operating systems. Codes that are generated help computer applications run on computers.

Engineering Support Specialist

Engineering support specialists provide technical support and assist customers and businesses in technical, hardware, and software systems issues.

Data Warehouse Analyst

A data warehouse analyst investigates, collects, mines, and assists the business in leveraging warehouses’ data.

System Designer

A system designer’s role is to describe the planningand data for a system.

System Database Administrator

System Database Administrator supervises the security, performance, and integrity of the database. This also comprises planning the structure and troubleshooting issues.

Software Engineer

Software engineers can design, maintain, test, develop, and evaluate any software.

Computer Operator

A computer operator maintains a logbook forcarrying basic activities such as virus updates, software upgrades, and others.

Research Analyst

It is the research analysts who research and conduct surveys tocollects data and information online.

Software Developer

The software developers’ job responsibilities are to develop applications. People use these applications to perform specific tasks on a computer or any other device.

Web developer and Designer

The back end, front end, or full-stack developer can build and enhance a website. The website is a digital market that defines your business. Every organization needs it.


Data needs to be analyzed, and the Data Analysts do the task. The data scientist also comes under this group. Based on the applicable specifications, a technical requirementmatters that pact with the design of the project. This responsibility might overlay or work with the software engineer’s assistance.


A database management system engineercalculates data. Handling Data is a very lucrative and challenging job and requires accuracy.

QA engineer (tester)

QA engineers or testers plan and run tests for the created software of any organization to find how they are working. Some may evenconnect between development roles and handle automated testing. One of the top and shiner job titles is this profile.

QA/test lead

A QA/test lead allocates resources and scheduling, tests tasks, assesses test plans. They work closely with the development lead and project/product manager for developing and resourcing considerations.

The Takeaway

Every subject has its benefits and scope of employment, whether science, arts, commerce, or engineering. However, the important factor is the determination, perseverance, and dedication to learn something new. The same goes right for Computer science courses in India. Students need to dedicate their time properly in studies, and many career scope are going to open after in Computer science in India.

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