The Perfect College Companion Program for Aspiring Software Engineers

College Companion Program

Launched in April 2019, College Companion Program is one of its kind platform that provides the highest quality technology education in the world. Scaler’s meticulously structured programs transform the skills of software aspirants and professionals by using a modern curriculum with exposure to the latest technologies. Students enrolled in Scaler have access to over 1000 working professionals from top software companies across the globe including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Twitter among others who act as instructors, mentors and career coaches. Within just a year of launch, Scaler has been able to build a reputation for tech excellence with placements comparable to leading engineering institutes.

Scaler Edge:

To address the gap between skills needed for high-quality technology jobs and work-readiness of graduates, Scaler has introduced a first of its kind college-companion program called Scaler Edge. Positioned as India’s first online university for software engineering and development, students across branches can enrol in the Scaler Edge program, irrespective of their understanding of programming.

Program Details:

To enrol in the program, students to take a 45 minute online entrance test comprising of two simple coding questions.

The course comprises of 2 modules of 6 months each. The first module focuses on building essential career skills such as CS fundamentals, competitive programming, data structures and algorithms, along with interview prep. In the second module, students get the opportunity to build on their knowledge by building real-world experience through guided career capstone projects. At the end of each module, students get a certification as well.

The Edge program offers a hybrid model of learning where students get access to both live and assisted-live teaching experience. The workload of classes has also been designed in a way to ensure that students can enjoy their College Companion Program experiences alongside building skills for their upcoming professional lives. They only need to dedicate 15 hours per week in the first module and 5 hours per week in the second module. If at all, students are unable to attend any particular session, they can access the same on their Scaler dashboard.

Scaler also has a very active community of current and ex-students, employees, industry mentors, recruiters and teaching assistants across Scaler Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord that make for a great place to network and engage with like-minded people.

Students part of the Scaler Edge program will also get access to several career support activities including mentor sessions by industry leaders, mock interviews and resume building and review. These activities are led by people working at some top tech companies such as Google, Walmart, Microsoft, Amazon and Goldman Sachs among others. Scaler also has a dedicated recruiter team and 100+ employer partners.

The cost of the program is INR 59,000 for 12 months (both modules) and INR 39,999 for 6 months (individual modules). Scaler is also offering some scholarships as well as no-cost EMI plans to aid students. The team at Scaler Edge also promises a full money-back guarantee if a student chooses to withdraw within the first two weeks of classes. The feedback received from the current students of Scaler Edge has been quite remarkable.

They are inviting applications for their latest batch. You can check out more details about the course and apply on their website.

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