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Rajasthan Launches New Higher Education Model

A new higher education model has been launched in Rajasthan for distribution of faculties and movable assets among the government colleges at the district level to rationalize the availability of resources. The model will create a pool for sharing of facilities which will benefit the colleges lacking infrastructure.

Minister of State for Higher Education Bhanwar Singh Bhati inaugurated the model, titled Resource Assistance for Colleges with Excellence, in the presence of principals of colleges here recently. He said all the colleges would get equal opportunities for imparting quality education with the adoption of the new model.

The colleges in need will submit their requirement to the nodal college in the district, which will send the teachers on deputation, if needed, and provide the facilities such as projectors, digital libraries, equipment, and technicians. The model will help the colleges situated in small towns facing a shortage of faculties and infrastructure.

Though the sanctioned posts of teachers in the government colleges are 6,500, the State at present falls short by about 2,000 teachers. Until the additional posts are created and new appointments made, the RACE is expected to help channelise resources and ensure quality education.

The State Commissioner (College Education), Pradeep Kumar Board, told new model would effectively decentralize the decision-making power of colleges and encourage them to share physical and human resources within the district. “RACE will give autonomy to small colleges and help them find solutions to their problems at the local level,” he said.

Mr. Borad, who was instrumental in conducting the first-of-its-kind examination without invigilators in all the 237 government colleges across the State last month, said the RACE would turn out to be an initiative rendering academic assistance to the students and make the institutions of higher learning accountable to the society.

(Source – The Hindu)

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