Question bank for students: Teachers ignore state’s plea for help

It has been two months after the board sent out an appeal to teachers from across the state. it was urging them to prepare and send questions for a question bank for PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology) students. But the response has been dismal, said sources. The board has now been forced to issue a second call for entries.


In its appeal to teachers in August, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) had stated that it was setting up an online portal, specifically designed to help Std XI and XII PCMB students prepare for entrance exams. The board had asked teachers across the state to prepare multiple-choice questions for the students, for entrance exams to courses such as NEET, MhCET, IIT JEE and others.

Shakuntala Kale, chairperson of MSBSHSE, admitted that the response wasn’t satisfactory, but said it was only ‘in certain subjects’.


In the latest appeal by the board, issued a few days ago, teachers have been asked to send their responses by December 31.

Meanwhile, subject teachers or experts, who want to send their inputs for the question bank, can prepare multiple choice questions and upload it at http:/

The questions must be from the Class XI/XII syllabus from PCMB subjects and the sender must specify the class, subject, section, sub-section and explanation of the answer. After review from subject experts at MSBSHSE, the questions may be uploaded in the online question bank.

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