Pupil-Teacher Ratio in Higher Education Worrying in Gujarat

Pupil-Teacher Ratio in Higher Education Worrying in Gujarat

Having Registered a Slight improvement over the previous few years, the pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) in higher education institutions of Gujarat is a reason for stress. The most recent All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2018-2019 states that with a PTR of 24, Gujarat positions 26th among 36 states and Union domains of the nation.

PTR is measured as the average number of students per teacher at a specific degree of education in a given academic year.

The AISHE report says that there are just 10 states and Union territories which have a PTR worse than that of Gujarat among all the 36 states and Union territories of the nation. With a PTR of 11, Puducherry positions first among all Uts and states of the nation, followed by Lakshadeep with a PTR of 12. states like Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have a pupil-instructor ratio of more than 50.

Government sources concede that there has not been any recruitment of instructors and professors in the previous three or four years.

The way toward enrolling professors is additionally cumbersome and lengthy. It includes giving notices, directing composed tests, holding interviews with candidates lastly giving appointment letters

As indicated by the most recent statistics, there are around 2,000 vacancies of professors and lectures in grant-in-help colleges of the state alone. Enormous scale recruitment has not occurred in grant-help colleges for over a decade, state educationist posts that have fallen vacant as a result of retirement or death have not been filled either.

Citing occurrences of the acute lack of teachers and professors an educationist said that Ahmedabad-based ShahjanandCollege had 46 professors a couple of years back.

today, there are only 18 professors, while the number of students has increased. Additionally, R H Patel Commerce College at Vadaj in the city has 2,300 students, with just 23 professors.

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