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Pollution hit Lucknow: IIT Kanpur might help through artificial rain

The Uttar Pradesh capital might witness artificial rains through cloud-seeding by Indian Insitute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur to combat air pollution which has reached crisis level. A few days ago, the Uttar Pradesh government had asked IIT Kanpur to explore the option of artificial rains. The institute is ready for the first artificial rain in Uttar Pradesh. Only approvals from the Union civil aviation ministry are awaited.

Aerospace, civil engineering and industrial management engineering departments are working on this project. The expense of first artificial rains will be relatively higher. On November 15, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had held a meeting with officials of various departments to control the air pollution.

What is cloud seeding?

Cloud seeding or weather modification is an artificial way to induce moisture in the clouds so as to cause a rainfall. In this process, either silver iodide or dry ice is dumped onto the clouds by using an aircraft or an artillery gun which leads to a rain shower.

Where has it been used?

–China frequently uses weather modification system to create rainfall during droughts.

–In June this year, a team of scientists from Beijing offered China’s cloud seeding technology to India to fight droughts in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region.

–During 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chinese organisers fired a barrage of rockets in the air ensuring clear skies for the opening ceremony.

–In 2009, Chinese scientists fired Beijing skies with iodide sticks hoping to end a long spell of drought

–In United States, cloud seeding is occasionally used by ski resorts to induce snowfall.

How effective is it?

The success of cloud seeding depends on the weather conditions of the area. Some moisture in the atmosphere is needed to cause precipitation.

Environmentalists have raised concerns regarding secondary air and water pollution as an outcome of chemicals used to cause precipitation.

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