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No Examinations for Promoting Madhya Pradesh Students

UGC revisited guidelines for holding examinations won’t apply to Madhya Pradesh. No examinations for promoting the students of Madhya Pradesh.

University Grants Commission (UGC) revisited its guidelines for the conduction of final year examinations. On Monday the panel released its guidelines. It allowed universities and higher educational institutions to conduct its examinations by the end of September. But the same guidelines will not be applicable in Madhya Pradesh. No examinations will be conducted in Madhya Pradesh for promoting students. The state government has already declared that the students will be promoted to the next class without any examinations.

UGC’s Revisited Guidelines

The HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank declared on Monday that “final year examinations of the universities will be conducted by September end.

The schedule of July is being postponed due to a jump in COVID-19 cases.”

The revisited guidelines stated that “the universities will be conducting special examinations for those students who are unable to appear in exams in September. The students with backlogs will be necessarily assessed by conducting examinations in the offline, online, or blended mode as per the feasibility and suitability”.

Considering the prevailing situation this will not just provide another chance to the students. But also ensures an equal opportunity for every student. 

The higher education regulatory body conferred that it is important to protect the standard of health, safety. Also, ascertain fair and equal opportunity to every student along with assuring academic trustworthiness, acceptability, and career opportunities and overall progress of students.

Suresh Silawat on Examination in Madhya Pradesh

Suresh Silawat (Indore division additional direction, higher education) affirmed that “UGC guidelines would have no bearing in the state. As the Madhya Pradesh government has already declared the promotion of students to the next class without any examinations.

He added, “in case of final year or semester students, the order is to promote them based on last semester results. The evaluation will be based on the previous term internal or marks attained by the students.”

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