Worth It? Top Solutions Ranked (2023)

Worth It? Top Solutions Ranked (2023)

Best LMS Solutions With Content Libraries For 2023

Is choosing one of the top LMS solutions with a content library worth the buy? This top list will clear everything up! Educating your teams on new skills is crucial if your goal is to drive growth in today’s economy. And it can help you ensure a prosperous future for your business. Thus, it’s vital to invest in human capital. Not only will you manage to enhance employee performance, but you can also help your employees acquire the skills and knowledge needed to prevail in times of need. Being ready to adapt to fundamental changes and create a more equitable society is the number one objective in the modern corporate world.

An LMS with no courses on it might not be your ideal solution if you want to see results fast. Sure, plenty of corporate organizations and educational institutions use LMS platforms. However, it’s good to have emerging technologies in your reach to train your learners effectively. A content library is such an example that can improve LMS service delivery and help your business grow exponentially.

By opting for an LMS with a content library, you offer your employees a wide range of courses. Do you want to enable your organization to provide training opportunities simply and flexibly? If the answer is yes, then, as many other L&D professionals do, you understand the need to have available training courses within your LMS right from the start.

And if you’re torn between leveraging a content library, opting for developing new courses independently, or even acquiring custom-developed content, we’ve got you covered. Read on as we present the rankings of the best LMS solutions with a content library. Then, go through the extra tips on LMS selection.

What’s The Best Learning Management System?

Let us help you find the best LMS systems to stay efficient and productive. Explore user reviews and top features!

Award-Winning LMS Tools Offering A Content Library


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Spark Learners’ Curiosity With An LMS And Content That Connects More Deeply

You can’t have a great learning program without great content. With Schoox, you can create custom libraries perfectly curated for your learners. They partner with multiple content providers, offering a library of over 18,000 courses. Do you want to create engaging learning experiences with personalized content that resonates whether you’re training employees, an extended enterprise, or both?

Explore Schoox’s full course catalog

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  • Off-The-Shelf Course Libraries
  • Variety Of Course Options
  • Always Up-To-Date And Maintenance Free


  • Off-The-Shelf Course Libraries

Gain instant access to thousands of courses on compliance, DEI, leadership, safety, and more through Schoox’s partnerships with top eLearning providers.

  • Variety Of Course Options

Schoox provides both general course libraries like leadership and compliance training, as well as specific course offerings like OSHA safety and restaurant training.

  • Always Up-To-Date And Maintenance Free

Select your courses, and Schoox will handle the rest—managing current and upcoming versions so you’re always on top of what’s new.

Plans And Pricing

Schoox LMS makes it easy to curate engaging, personalized content for your learners. Their consultative content specialists will understand your needs and create a customized proposal from across several content partners—18,000+ courses covering over 65 topic areas.

Create A Rich Content Library For Your Learners

360Learning’s learning platform fosters internal mobility to solve the talent shortage by empowering companies to upskill from within. Through collaborative learning, companies turn their experts into champions for growth.

Get started today!

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  • SCORM-Compliant
  • Import Courses From Anywhere
  • AI-Powered Course Recommendations


Host and contextualize your existing eLearning catalog of 1.2 and 2004 SCORM courses.

  • Import Courses From Anywhere

Enrich your content library by pulling in courses from a third-party provider or create a course with 360Learning’s easy-to-use authoring tool.

  • AI-Powered Course Recommendations

Excite your learners with AI-powered paths and course recommendations that are uniquely relevant to each individual based on their training history.

Plans And Pricing

Create an expert-led course, import SCORM files, or leverage third-party content to give your learners a rich content library. Learners don’t need to go searching for courses—360Learning’s powerful AI suggests the best courses based on their learning journey.

A Growing Library Of Over 700 Unique Courses Your Teams Need For Success At Work

Train your teams with bite-sized skills courses authored by experts. Tack TalentLibrary onto your TalentLMS plan, save time and money on course creation, and enjoy growing your people with training that everyone will show up for. Want to give your teams a head start on the track to success with TalentLibrary on TalentLMS?

Get started today.

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  • Rely On Experts
  • Make Training Stick
  • Never Stop Learning


Each topic is designed with the most current content by Subject Matter Experts. Senior Instructional Designers then review each course to ensure knowledge and skill transfer.

Bite-sized courses make training easily digestible and boost the likelihood of more of your people completing it. Plus, with familiar faces and stories, training becomes unforgettable.

“Every day is a school day” rings true with TalentLibrary. With new courses rolled out frequently, you can keep improving your team’s skills to see a continuous rise in performance.

Plans And Pricing

TalentLibrary comes at a price that’s actually fair. Access a growing training library with one subscription—with new courses added regularly at no extra cost. Choose from 4 scalable pricing plans and get the training you want with none of the features you don’t.

Absorb Enables Engaged Learners And Efficient Administration—Unlocks Potential

Fuel learner engagement with expert-designed, video-based microlearning courses with Absorb Amplify. Add proven, industry-leading content from partner libraries. Even build your own content library with Absorb Create.

Learn how you can create and/or curate relevant, expert-made courses for your learning programs.

For more info on the user experience, explore Absorb LMS reviews in our directory.


  • Expert-Made
  • Relevant Knowledge
  • Choice Of Courses


Be confident in the courses you provide your learners, knowing they are made by industry and Subject Matter Experts.

Easily keep your courses up to date and relevant without spending time updating them yourself.

Choose from courses in categories such as compliance, career development, workplace safety, DEI, and more.

Plans And Pricing

Absorb has a tailored approach to its pricing. Even if you’re not sure about your needs, their team can help you choose a pricing model that best fits your needs. No worries; there are solutions for your internal and external enterprise learning needs. Its add-on modules give you huge flexibility. So, you can choose the plan you need when you need it.

Rockstar Learning Platform Can Be Bundled With An Extensive Course Library

Create better learning experiences with ELB Learning. This team offers a comprehensive product suite and exceptional services. They’ve got all you need to achieve your training goals, including an LMS that delivers video-based microlearning on demand.

Visit their website to request a demo.

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  • Microlearning Module Builder
  • User-Generated Content
  • Course Libraries


  • Microlearning Module Builder

Author product training quick guides and microlearning on the fly right inside the Rockstar Learning Platform.

Easily source knowledge from SMEs in your organization to share with those who need it. Upload text, images, or videos, reuse them, and personalize them for learner groups.

Bundle with libraries from ELB Learning, OpenSesame, Traliant, and BizLibrary.

Plans And Pricing

The Rockstar Learning Platform scales to accommodate organizations of any size, including large enterprises with globally dispersed offices. Pricing plans are based on the learner and admin count and can be upgraded with authoring tools, courseware, and data migration.

Create Engaging Learning Experiences For Your Employees, Customers, And Partners

UpsideLMS is a leading Learn Tech provider with 19+ years of experience, 50+ awards, and 2.5 million+ users worldwide. Their flagship products are their world-class Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, and eLearning library, Plethora. Take your digital Learning and Development game from good to great with their AI-powered, award-winning LMS!

Get a live demo from their expert.

For UpsideLMS reviews, feel free to visit our directory.


  • New-Age Online Content Library
  • Browse Through Over 20,000 Courses And Videos
  • Quality Of Content


  • New-Age Online Content Library

L&D leaders are now free from all the hassle. Don’t want to waste any more time developing customized training? You’re gonna love Plethora. Get ready to find the best off-the-shelf eLearning content for your teams.

  • Browse Through Over 20,000 Courses And Videos

Browsing and choosing off-the-shelf eLearning courses via Plethora’s modern UI/UX is a breeze. Learners can choose courses like Leadership & Management, Business Skills, Compliance Training, Digital Skills, Soft Skills, and Sales & Service, among others.

This vast library is created by experienced SMEs. The team’s Instructional Designers and Graphic Designers have made sure that the content library makes your learning meaningful and has good ROI.

Plans And Pricing

Plethora by Upside LMS has the largest curated digital eLearning library from the world’s top training providers. L&D leaders and HR managers can leverage different types of training, like leadership, management, IT, behavioral skills, and more.

Top List Rankings: eLearning Industry’s LMS Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our Editorial team, thoroughly reviewed each vendor’s eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the top Learning Management Systems with a content library on the following nine criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

Now that you’ve gone through our LMS list rankings, you can read our extra tips on how to choose the best LMS with a content library for your needs. Please make sure to use all the insights below to make your final decision. Consider this top list a guide to choosing the ideal content library LMS solution.

Benefits Of LMS Solutions With A Content Library

The largest LMS providers usually team up with content providers and offer users a wide variety of online courses you and your team can access. Let’s think of the LMS solutions with content libraries as a Netflix or Spotify-style service for online training.

Instead of having employees search on their own for online course libraries, you can give it to them right on a plate. Why bother with LinkedIn courses, Coursera, or even Skillshare if you can find an LMS that allows you to access classes on the spot? From taking language classes online to IT online training and even creative courses, you can have plenty of online learning resources right in your LMS.

Instead of hopelessly letting employees spend time finding training webinars or free online library courses with certificates, your LMS content library can help save time. And, with the right LMS, you get a trusted advisor so that you can select the courses that best fit your training needs. With content libraries available on your LMS, you ensure that you always get updates on new course offerings. And if any maintenance is needed, you’ll get the relevant announcements without having to worry.

The main benefit of an LMS with premade courses is it makes training more affordable than having to create your own custom eLearning courses. And that’s a great solution when it comes to common topics or courses. Instead of spending your money to create it, you can leverage off-the-shelf courses that other specialized Subject Matter Experts have created. For example, your LMS content library will surely have online courses on soft skills training, management training, health and safety state standards, etc. Also, you’ll find plenty of courses on compliance.

The Importance Of Content Libraries Within An LMS

Have you ever tried to make a recipe but never got to use quite the right ingredients? Think of a content library in that way. Sure, there are times when you want to create a unique training program for your team, but more often than not, you need to have a standard main course menu (see what I did there?).

Creating original training and using your in-house specialties and signature creations is essential. But to do all that, most of the time, you have to create training content from scratch. Also, you might have plenty of departments request specific training for their teams to improve this and that. However, your time is limited. And you can only do that much. So, at times, managers or employees might ask you to recommend the right type of training. What if they don’t even know what type of training content they want to consume? Or what if they do know what they want and they need a fixed menu where they can find training on different categories? You wouldn’t want to limit their choices, right?

If that’s the case, a professional training library can help you provide what is needed for your workforce. And to get what you need, you must ensure that your audience has plenty of training course choices. Off-the-shelf courses are ready-made for the masses. And that’s much faster hands-on training than you could ever create.

When you want to free up your resources, choosing an LMS with a content library is a must. It will empower you to do the things that only you can do, while the rest of the company can train on what they need training on fast.

Best Practices When Offering Off-The-Shelf Courses

What I love about using a content library is that it gives your internal L&D team the time and space for what matters. And that is building courses specific to your business, e.g., specific requirements for onboarding, upskilling, reskilling, etc. For example, a content library can’t possibly have courses on how your factory runs. Or, don’t expect to find a franchise operations manual that resembles yours in an LMS content library. But for specific topics, you can find off-the-shelf courses that your team will thank you for!

Caring for your employees is the best way to get the most from them. After all, a company’s success starts and ends with its employees. And your organization doesn’t differ. So, caring for your employees means that you want to help them succeed. And to help employees succeed, you must find ways for them to grow into new opportunities. Choosing the right LMS can help you deliver training that focuses on positivity, skill advancement, and performance enhancements, thus giving you the power to maximize employee performance and contribution.

The biggest selection of courses you give your team, the better. By offering access to courses outside an employee’s learning track, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a lot about your team. Based on the courses a team member selects, you might come to realize that they are interested in a different role in the company. Or you’ll see that they want to move up to management. When employees are willing to invest time in courses that help them achieve personal development goals, you have rising talent in your hands.

Evaluation Tips When Choosing Content Library LMS Tools

Shaping your company’s culture is not a small feat. You have to make your leadership team understand your eLearning initiatives. These, of course, will be aligned with performance goals and desired outcomes. Thankfully, a content library is an easy way to grow your business. But first, identifying what type of courses would work best for your training needs is key.

Giving a wide variety of off-the-shelf courses will improve employee retention for your organization. After all, employees usually leave their jobs because they feel there’s no progress for them. By offering training and helping your people grow primary or secondary skills, you give them a reason to stay. And even help them get ideas for new projects they might like to take over!

When evaluating LMS vendors that offer content libraries, make sure to:

  • Explore what type of courses they offer.
  • See if the courses are industry-specific enough.
  • Try out content libraries to check the quality.
  • Read reviews and look for previous awards/achievements.

Reinventing training course topics that many others have already done is a waste of time. Instead, reputable LMS content libraries allow you to explore the power of high-quality solutions. An eLearning content library within your LMS will help you deliver training in your organization fast.

However, as you begin evaluating eLearning libraries, be ready to face limitations or potential roadblocks. It happens to the best of us. Also, make sure you know what you are getting. Is it an unlimited selection, or is there a limit to how many learners can take the training? It would be a good idea to ask your LMS provider if there are any discounts for bulk purchases or for a specific number of end users. Plus, maybe you need to have your IDs create special tests and quizzes for better efficiency. Last but not least, find out if the LMS can scale as your needs change.