Solution-Based Learning Guide: Transform Your L&D Program

Solution-Based Learning Guide Transform Your L&D Program

The Solution-Based Learning Guide: Is Your Organization Focusing On The Symptoms Or The Cause?

While many organizations take measures to evaluate their training programs and pinpoint problems, most tend to focus on the symptoms rather than the root cause. Thus, their strategies may fall short of expectations because they don’t target the underlying issue. This solution-based learning guide has all the info you need to expand your project scope, troubleshoot L&D gaps, and choose the best outsourcing partner for your organization.

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Beginning At The End: How Solution-Based Learning Can Transform Your L&D Program And Prove Your ROI

Discover the many benefits of solution-based learning, the steps involved, how to get internal buy-in, and much more.

Skipping Steps Is A Slippery L&D Slope

One of the most common mistakes that organizations make is jumping right into the development process. While it might seem like skipping ahead and forgoing needs analysis will lead to cost savings, it can actually decrease your ROI in the long term. Evaluating your current approach and identifying the problem allows you to create initiatives that will have the biggest impact, instead of devoting resources to activities and modules that don’t align with your business objectives or desired outcomes. With solution-based learning, you also have the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of your eLearning program and retrace your steps if the best results aren’t achieved.

About This eBook

How do you embark on your solution-based learning journey? Which red flags indicate that it’s time to consult with an expert? How do you find the best agency for your L&D initiatives? Here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside this guide by eWyse and eLearning Industry:

  • Beyond Development: Expanding The eLearning Project Scope
  • What Are The Steps Involved In Successful Solution-Based Learning Projects?
  • Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time To Consult With An eLearning Expert
  • Where Do You Start? The Need For Broader Needs Analysis
  • Ways To Make A Strong Business Case For Solution Based-Learning
  • How Solution-Based Learning Helps You Prove Training ROI
  • Secrets To Set Measurable Goals And Achieve The Best Results
  • Tips To Choose The Right eLearning Agency For Your L&D Program

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