Sara Vidić From eWyse: The eLearning Unscripted Podcast

eLI Proudly Presents The eLearning Unscripted Podcast With Sara Vidić From eWyse

Finding The Right Fit: How Critical Is Compatibility In eLearning Projects?

From compatibility checks to value alignment, eLearning projects involve multiple stages to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. And the sales team in an eLearning agency sets the direction for the entire process. The fourth episode of eLearning Unscripted, which features Sara Vidić from eWyse, explores the unique perspective of sales professionals in eLearning projects.

Why Understanding Clients Is An Important First Step

Clients must make certain that the eLearning provider they’re teaming up with shares their values and has a clear understanding of their requirements and current L&D obstacles. Likewise, eLearning agencies must treat their clients as true partners rather than only having a vague idea of their objectives and goals. It’s a two-way street. For example, eLearning companies need to consider what motivates clients and what they aspire to. Just as clients must consider the core beliefs and level of expertise of their provider.

About This Podcast

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll hear about in this podcast with Sara Vidić From eWyse:

  • Why it’s so integral for eLearning agencies to ensure that a client is the right fit and vice versa
  • How eWyse’s culture and core values help shape the relationship with clients
  • Why value alignment is so crucial in eLearning projects
  • eWyse’s role in ensuring a successful customer journey
  • The steps involved in a compatibility check to ensure that the eLearning project goes smoothly from day one


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