Market Your L&D Company: 5 Creative Ideas

5 Ideas To Market Your L&D Company

Market Your L&D Company

We all know that when you start a business it’s important to promote it as well. But the marketing budget can a little expensive for your budget at the beginning. So, I was thinking about providing some ideas on how you can market your L&D company from the beginning, creating brand awareness for your business. Moreover, these ideas do not involve any financial investment for you. Let’s begin!

Tips To Market Your L&D Company

LinkedIn Posts

You can start creating a clear strategy of having regular LinkedIn posts promoting your L&D services for your company. You can also engage with your community by providing valuable information from your field. Additionally, together with these posts, you can also create a monthly newsletter where you can promote the company services, add useful L&D resources, and, if you’ve already created a community as an individual on LinkedIn, you can invite and engage with some of your contacts by inviting them as quests.

Don’t forget to always include valuable information for your community in all your posts, besides the company promotion. By maintaining this social media strategy, you can enhance your company’s L&D services. As a bonus tip, the same posts can be added on other social media platforms too.

Free Events And Conferences (L&D And Non-L&D)

By networking, you can take part in various events you’re invited to, where you can speak about your business. Ideally, in my experience, partnering with the individual or company that invited you for a specific event can become an opportunity for you to provide your services and have access to a bigger audience who can get your business cards, flyers, additional details, etc. Not everyone finds it easy to engage, but the fact that you can take part in these live events makes things easier as you will be in direct contact with your audience and potential clients. The second type of event is the free one, where you can choose to either speak and network or locate suitable spots to distribute flyers.

Virtual Live Events: Participation As A Speaker

There are several companies or individuals who organize LinkedIn virtual live events where you can take part as a speaker talking about L&D, as well as promoting your company services. You can easily choose to participate in an event topic in L&D with the service you provide. It is best to select an event topic related to what you provide as a company and start by providing useful and educative information to your audience and then detail how your company can help by implementing the provided information.

Professional Newsletter Emails

These are sent regularly to potential clients by presenting your L&D services with an added value for your audience. As previously mentioned, besides the LinkedIn posts, you can also post the same information on other platforms. Another effective strategy is to promote your L&D services to a broader audience by sending out a monthly newsletter via email including:

  • An introduction stating the purpose of the newsletter
  • A highlight showcasing your L&D services
  • A dedicated section on L&D resources such as books, interesting facts, global trends, and articles
  • If applicable, a feature on an upcoming event organized by your company, or one you will be participating in
  • Your company’s contact details

Create Short Talks, Regularly Posted Online

You can promote your L&D services by organizing short talks, where you can either talk about a L&D topics, or invite speakers from your field (like a quick podcast). You can also create a 15-minute L&D tips and tricks session every month, or quickly recap your newsletter. You can also debate L&D issues that we may all have and try to discover solutions together, including by discussing how your company can help.


These are just a few examples that can be utilized to market an L&D business. There may be many more options available, but the ones provided above are both efficient and cost-effective, and can naturally boost your business growth.


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