JEOPARDY!® Learning And Development Meet-Up Series

JEOPARDY!® Learning And Development Meet-Up Series

Experience The Ultimate JEOPARDY! Training Game

ELB Learning has the only official JEOPARDY! training game in the world, in partnership with Jeopardy! Productions. The training game follows the classic rules and all the fun of America’s Favorite Quiz Show® with rounds for JEOPARDY!, Double JEOPARDY!, and Final JEOPARDY!, plus “Daily Doubles.”

JEOPARDY!® is great for assessing knowledge and employee engagement before a training session and ensuring the content sticks post-training. This game can be played in single-player mode or instructor mode in a live or virtual group setting.

The goals for the meet-ups are for Learning and Development professionals to experience first-hand how they can use game-based training to:

  • Create a social learning environment for employees
  • Facilitate emotional interactions with learning content
  • Identify knowledge gaps to implement immediate course correction

Join fellow L&D professionals, test your pop culture knowledge, laugh, and have fun!

Your Fridays will never be the same!