ICSE Class 10 Result 2023: Maulvi's son cracks ICSE 10th board exams with 82%, wants to become scientist

ICSE Class 10 Result 2023: Maulvi’s son cracks ICSE 10th board exams with 82%, wants to become scientist

MUMBAI: A maulvi’s son has cleared the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) class 10th exam with flying colours.
Muntazim Shaikh, son of Mumbai-based Mufti Manzur Ziyaee, got 98% marks in this year’s ICSE 10th board exams, result of which was declared recently. The meritorious boy wants to crack the IIT-JEE exam and go for higher studies in science. He was a student of RBK School, Mira Road.
“Muntazim wants to become a scientist. His priority now is to clear the IIT-JEE exams. He has been a brilliant student since the beginning and we are grateful to Allah that he has been rewarded with such good marks, ” said Mufti Ziyaee who heads International Sufi Mission and All India Ilm-O-Hunar Foundation.
Mufti Ziyaee added that, though he studied at madrassas and didn’t get much exposure to scientific learning, he has ensured that his children learn science and modern subjects without ignoring basic Islamic values. “I am a great votary of scientific learning. Science hamari khoee hui meeras hai (Science is our lost legacy) and we must encourage our children to excel in science subjects,” said Mufti Ziyaee.
Mufti is one who has studied ifta or the course which deals with fatwas. So Muftis are qualified to give fatwas.
Apart from running a madrassa, Mufti Ziyaee is on a peace mission and creating bonds among communities. He organises conferences and interfaith dialogues and strives for Hindu-Muslim unity. He has also petitioned the Supreme Court not to approve same-sex marriage as he feels “it will have deleterious effects on Indian society.”
His dream to see his son become a scientist is testimony to his awakening about the important role science has played in the development of human society. That a maulvi thinks on these lines is worth appreciation.