G20 Summit 2023: AIIMS Rishikesh to organise 'Youth-20 consultation summit'

G20 Summit 2023: AIIMS Rishikesh to organise ‘Youth-20 consultation summit’

DEHRADUN: AIIMS-Rishikesh is set to organise the ‘Youth-20 consultation summit’ on May 4 and 5, ahead of this year’s G-20 summit, keeping health, wellness, and sports as the core of the two-day summit on youth’s development, officials said on Tuesday.
The Y-20 is the official youth engagement group for G-20, the forum for the world’s largest and most advanced economies. India is hosting the G-20 Presidency for the first time. The activities to be undertaken by Y-20 during India’s presidency will focus on global youth leadership and partnership. The Y-20 brings young leaders from across the globe to discuss and debate global challenges.
The director of AIIMS-Rishikesh, Professor Dr Meenu Singh told media in Dehradun, “Y-20 India will act as a platform for dialogue and negotiations among young leaders in India and around the world. The summit encourages the youth to discuss issues, exchange ideas, negotiate and argue and to reach a consensus.”
During the event, burning issues relating to the mental health of youth such as addiction management, holistic health, spiritual health, yoga, and mental health would be discussed by medicos holding several years of experience in these domains.
Dr Singh added, “Young leaders from Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the USA along with alumni of AIIMS who are now senior physicians and surgeons in different parts of the globe, would participate in it.”