6 Generative AI Uses For Better eLearning

6 Generative AI Uses For Better eLearning

What Are The Uses Of Generative AI When It Comes To eLearning?

AI will play a tremendous role in the development of businesses. It’s because computers have taken such an important place in our lives that we have become dependent on them for everything. Generative AI is the new buzzword in technology these days. It will enhance the users’ capability to create new content, whether it’s related to advertising or even product formulas. This technology can generate images, text, and videos in seconds. That’s why the name generative is added to it. Price Water House Coopers has estimated that generative AI can reduce business costs by $6.6 trillion. These are the uses of generative AI.

6 Uses Of Generative AI For Better eLearning

1. Data Analysis

Since generative AI can be used for data analysis, it can also be used for evaluating large volumes of data. When such data has been assessed, it can help a business in making important decisions. Such data is created through simulations prepared with the aid of generative AI.

Data is analyzed quite well due to the aid of generative AI. You can get useful insights into data with the aid of AI. So, if a learner is unable to get through some concepts, learners don’t have to struggle because help is made available through them. This is in the form of simulations and virtual assistants. The AI can be used to predict how will learners behave in the future, whether they will pass the eLearning assessments or not. They can identify the hurdles learners are facing and help educators remove them in time through content modifications.

2. Immediate Query Resolution

Generative AI reduces the need for companies to hire human beings. It’s because their jobs can be handled seamlessly by chatbots. Due to Natural Language Processing, AI can easily interpret what humans are saying and then answer them. Generative AI can also be useful when it takes the form of virtual instructors to help learners understand tough concepts. These virtual assistants are available throughout the day to answer your questions. They also answer the questions immediately, not wasting the time of the learner.

3. Easy Translation

Generative AI can be quite useful in providing translated content to a company. It can help a company in localizing content and can be used in eLearning localization for training a global workforce.

4. Data Entry

Generative AI can help in data entry tasks for a company, in which they don’t even make clerical errors like human beings. When time is saved for human beings, they can devote time to other tasks such as decision-making.

5. Helpful In Education

Generative AI can also be used to create simulations for human training purposes in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. It’s very useful in eLearning. The students are helped a lot through AI because when tests are devised through it, it tests the caliber of a student in the subject. If a student has high competence, then it gives them complicated material to check their knowledge levels. Such students can skip the easier levels because it is a waste of time for them. The participation levels of the students are decided through these tests. If a student fails these tests, they are given simpler levels to work on.

6. Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is very expensive for some children. It’s also a challenge to tutor so many students. But tutoring children can be done easily with generative AI, which can manage many students and understand and solve their problems. So, generative AI can be useful for students who can’t pay for a tutor. Moreover, when AI algorithms check whether the students are learning or not, they are fair and not prejudiced against a certain class of students.

The students can have their grades improved when they have virtual tutors. These virtual tutors can also aid students with homework. One advantage of using generative AI to create training data sets is that it can help protect student privacy. Generative AI can take avatars, which is useful for children studying in middle schools.


AI needs to be used carefully in education. It’s because organizations can get their hands on the student’s data. This data must be protected at all costs to ensure the privacy of students. A data breach [1] or hacking incident can reveal real-world data containing the personal information of school-age children. The use of generative AI can happen if the data is hacked. Hence, the protection of such data is important.


[1] Ways to protect mobile phones with cyber security training

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