5 Must-Read eLearning Industry Guest Posts [February 2024]

5 Must-Read eLearning Industry Guest Posts [February 2024]

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Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this year, which means an early spring. And what better way to kick off the season than by doing a bit of L&D housekeeping? That usually means re-evaluating your current strategy to identify gaps and considering new approaches. Fortunately, the valuable resources below cover everything from creating actionable takeaways in eLearning to designing a standout storyboard blueprint. In no particular order, here are the top eLearning Industry guest posts published last month.

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5 Must-Read eLearning Industry Guest Posts

1. The Netflix Of Learning: From Linear Paths To A Network Of Learning Nodes By Satadeep Mitra

Explore the shift from linear to networked learning, driven by technology. Satadeep Mitra delves into personalized, adaptive, and binge learning in the era of the “Netflix of learning,” revolutionizing education for versatile skill development.

2. Unlocking Lasting Impact: The Power Of Actionable Takeaways Across Learning Experiences By Paige Yousey

Revolutionize educational impact with CHIPS—a strategic formula for creating beneficial learning experiences. Paige Yousey explores how to turn knowledge into actionable and memorable takeaways that enrich the learning journey.

3. The Impact Of Remote Work On Employee Training And Development By Andrew Wood

Dive into the effects of remote work on training and development, exploring strategies to harness its full potential. Andrew Wood covers challenges and opportunities that every organization should consider.

4. Design Learning Experiences: A Storyboard Blueprint By Matt Jenner

There is no standard storyboard template, so Matt Jenner undertook an analysis of over 100 templates to find commonalities and gaps. The recommended blueprint includes the 11 key elements needed to create active, engaging, and impactful learning. You’ll also be encouraged to critically assess your own storyboard.

5. 10 Creative Student Motivation Strategies For Online Learners By Dr. Liz Hardy

In online learning, the motivation to succeed has to come primarily from the student. Dr. Liz Hardy shares ten student motivation strategies, from telling your own story to profiling a leader in their field.

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