New Education Policy Designed to Lead India in a New Direction of Hope

New Education Policy Designed to Lead India in a New Direction of Hope

Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Karnataka Battu Satyanarayana has said that the New Education Policy (NEP) is designed to lead the country and the future generation in a new direction of hope and redemption.

Speaking after inaugurating a one-day national “Research Conference on Engineering, Business Management, Sciences, Humanities and Social Science-2022” organized by the faculty of Engineering and Technology (exclusively for women) at Sharnbasava University in Kalaburagi on Sunday, Prof. Satyanarayana said that the present faulty education system which failed to focus on research and development activities is mainly responsible for lack of skills among the educated youths and for the prevalent large scale unemployment.

Prof. Satyanarayana said that the NEP, which has brought in revolutionary changes in curriculum in both school and higher education, has thrown open new vistas of opportunities and the skill-based education will equip students to stand better qualified in the job market.

Noting that the conference is being organized commemorating International Women’s Day falling on Tuesday (March 8), Prof. Satyanarayana said that in ancient times, Indian culture placed women in a place of importance in society. But the extended rule of the Mughal kings and later, the Britishers, changed society’s views about women and degenerated and subjugated them.

Strongly pleading for re-writing the history of India, Prof. Satyanarayana said that history that is taught in schools and colleges is that of the Mughal empire and the British rule and nowhere, ancient Indian history and its ethos find a place in the history books. “History of ancient India and its firm roots are not taught in schools and this needs to be reversed and students should be taught the glorious history of ancient India,” he said.

He said that the present education system at the university level failed to encourage students to take up research activities or provide the much-needed fillip to research activities. “The universities remain mere degree-awarding institutions and are solely responsible for the present high rate of unemployment,” he said. The universities should create job providers and no job seekers, he added.

Vice-Chancellor of Sharnbasva University Niranjan V. Nisty and Registrar of the university Anilkumar Bidave were present.

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