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Government Appointed New Administrator for Sabarmati University

Gujarat education department has appointed M Nagarajan as the new administrator for Sabarmati University which was formerly known as Calorx Teachers’ University.

On Saturday Gujarat government’s education department appointed M Nagarajan, Director of Higher Education as the administrator at Sabarmati University to look into the irregularities.

The state education department has appointed a senior government official as the new administrator for Sabarmati University which was formerly known as Calorx Teachers’ University.

The decision was taken after a 4 member committee set up the government found some irregularities by the management. The Sabarmati University earlier known as the Calorx Teachers’ University was owned by the controversial management of DPS East School in Ahmedabad.

Anju Sharma Principal Secretary of Higher Education and Technical Education conferred that an inquiry was set up after allegations were made against the University for selling Ph.D. degrees by violating norms.
Last year an investigation committee was set up after the education department of Gujarat received complaints calming that the university is selling degrees in exchange for money. Some sources claimed that the institution even sold the doctoral degree to students of other states.

Other irregularities included awarding Ph.D. degrees in less than 3 years, passing off internal guides as external guides. Also giving out MPhil and doctoral degrees to the candidates for money.

The new administrator of Sabarmati University M Nagarajan will look into various irregularities such as the selling of Ph.D. and MPhil degrees for the exchange of money. The investigation will also include financial irregularities.

 Anju Sharma conferred “We have received several complaints in the past about the malpractices being carried out at the varsityin handing out PhD degrees as a result we have decided to appoint an administrator. While on paper the paper the university is run by Calrox group, we are trying to ascertain who the real management trustees are”.

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