National Levels Awards 2019

National Level Awards 2019

Every year Dr.KET announces National level, non-monetary awards to recognize outstanding people and institutes. The Dr.KET invites nominations for the below categories from Educational institutions, Universities, Research Centres, etc.. The awards are proposed to be presented on a special occasion in the organization where the selected awardees are placed.

  • The nominee is requested to get prior approval from the respective organization which will not affect the Awarding.
  • The nominee is requested NOT to pay any money for this nomination as the committee does not charge anything for nomination. After Phase 3, the selected nominees may be required to pay Registration fees and processing fee – In case the nominee fails to clear the final round this amount will be returned to the nominee.
  • The Confirmation should be done by the nominee if selected for Phase 3 failing which the nomination shall be canceled.
  • If any of the supportive documents are found to be forged or bogus, the copy of the same will be sent to the concerned authorities for screening and actions subsequent action will follow.
  • The Hospitality and other logistics required by the Jury should be taken care of by the nominee for Phase 3 – Interview.
  • The relevant supporting documents should be submitted by email in the second phase of the scrutiny and the same will be notified to the nominee.
  • The award may be presented to the individual/body at the ceremony. However, the awards committee may also decide not to give the award in any given year if, in their discretion, there are no deserving candidates nominated.
  • The decision of the Jury will be final.

The Award Committee verifies each and every information provided by you to us. For the institute awards, the filing authority’s name has to be indicated. All the information provided by the nominees – will be confidentially dealt with and acted upon. Misleading or wrong information may strictly lead to disqualification and also may be recommended for action.


Open On 15 March 2019

Ends on 25 May 2019

Selection Process

The selection board will be asked to set up its own State level Screening Committee which would include representation from eminent educationalists, 2-3 eminent members from NGOs who are working on related areas.

Each State would be asked to send (Max five in each category) nominations in the prescribed format. These nominations would be screened by a National Level Screening Committee. The National Selection Committee may at its discretion also consider individuals other than those recommended by the State Governments.

Criteria For Selection

  • The nominee should be alive on the date of nomination and be below the prescribed age.
  • The achievement of the nominee in the relevant field should be clearly documented
  • The achievement of the nominee should be verifiable and subject to objective appraisals
  • Preference should be given to those who have come up in life after a great deal of struggle and adversity.

Award Ceremony

The Award will be received personally by the awardee. The organization/institution where the awardee is placed shall conduct the award ceremony on a mutually agreed date. A nominated representative from Dr. KET will present the award during the ceremony.

If the organization/institution is unable to celebrate the day for some reasons, the same shall be informed to the undersigned well in advance for alternate arrangements

About Dr. Kalam Educational Trust for Tribal

Dr. Kalam Educational Trust for Tribal (Dr.KET), is a registered NGO serving for the upliftment of poor students. The objective of the trust includes – Establishing educational institutions, Home for depressed, Career Guidance Centre and for conducting Programs on Self-awareness and Personality Development, Child Labour Eradication, Environmental Pollution & Prevention, etc…


We aspire to create outstanding organizations that promote educational excellence, character development and service to the students, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and demography.


We firmly believe that as an institution dedicated to the cause of education – it becomes essential to help children to:

  • recognize their true potential grow into confident, responsible, balanced and multifaceted individuals with well-groomed personalities.
  • develop a sense of pride in our rich cultural heritage, ancient wisdom and value systems that will go a long way in helping them always to “think good and act good” as they prepare to face the challenges of tomorrow.
  • set high ambitions in life and encourage them to passionately pursue their goal with divine devotion.
  • remain-lifelong learners, gain knowledge, think, question, apply, innovate and be in control of their lives at all times.
  • be Globally Competitive citizens with a firm rooting in Indian Values.
  • I realize the need to achieve human excellence even as they strive for academic excellence.


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