MU students allowed to take supplementary answer Sheets says Ravindra Waikar

Minister of State for Higher and Technical Education Ravindra Waikar has announced that Mumbai University students could be allowed to take supplementary answer sheets in their exams. The MU had earlier banned students from taking supplements as it led to mistakes in the online assessment marking system.


Mr. Waikar said, “Problems arose when teachers gave separate bar codes for supplement sheets and main answer sheets. This led to confusion and many students lost marks for their supplements. The marks ended up being given to other students. I have directed teachers to give the same bar codes for main and supplement answer sheets. Students cannot be stopped from asking for supplement papers beyond the 40 pages in the main answer sheets.”

However, teachers have been asked to check if students had left any blank pages in the main pages before asking for supplement sheets. From the next semester, the results would be declared within 45 days of the exams.

He said, “In May, teachers were not handed over answer sheets until three months after the exams, thereby delaying results. This time, the November 8 exam papers have already reached teachers for correction.” The Minister directed MU officials to clear bottlenecks in the online assessment system to ensure results are declared within 45 days.

The president of the Students’ Law Council, Sachin Pawar, has sought postponement of the first semester exams of the five-year Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law courses scheduled for November 20, as the rule of a minimum of 90 days of academic instruction before exams was not met.

Activists of the Yuva Sena, youth wing of Shiv Sena, accompanied Mr. Waikar when he visited the Fort campus.

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