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MIT Students ace IIT Bombay’s TechFest

A team of four students from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal, recently won first place at the TechFest conducted by IIT, Bombay, for developing a model that could prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A release from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) here said that IIT Bombay’s annual technical event, TechFest, wanted students to innovate and find ways to stop the spread of the virus and distribute vaccines after its successful invention. The event was sponsored by L&T Electrical and Automation.

The problem statement was to develop a model that could be put in place to achieve the goal by devising methods that were practical, applicable, and cost-effective.

The team’s solution was to introduce a vest consisting of wearable electronics and sensors that could be used to keep track of various physiological data of the user’s body, including heart rate, pulse rate, oxygen content, and body temperature. The data was then transferred wirelessly to a cloud server through WiFi or through SMS, if WiFi was not available, along with the user’s location. This would help provide a quick response to stabilize the health condition of the user and prevent the spread of the virus, the team said.

The idea was judged on creativity, scalability, cost/ market value, and other factors during three rounds. An abstract of the idea, a detailed report on the working of the model, and an 18-minute pre-recorded presentation were judged in the three rounds that started on November 3 and ended on January 5.

The team comprised Paresh K.V., fourth-year student, ECE, Sai Arvind Chinthanippu, fourth year, Mechatronics, Anukul Jindal, fourth year, ECE, and Sreerag Mahadevan Cheeroth, fourth-year student, Mechanical.

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