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MGM University Leads The Fight Against COVID-19 with Face Shields

The COVID19 positive cases and deaths in the nation have been on the upsurge disregarding across the country lockdown. Be that as it may, the spike of cases among doctors, nurses, health workers who are the cutting edge warriors of the country in this battle, is reason enough to place the country into frustration.

Be that as it may, while our doctors, health workers, and sanitation workers are to be sure defenseless against its scything on the bleeding edge; some are putting forth constant attempts on different fronts to give them a shield against it.

A panel of faculty members and students and graduated class from MGM University Aurangabad have done recently that. The group involving Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh, Prof. Pankaj Dhobale, Sushant Mahajan (Ph.D. student), Prof. Pranav Bansode (ICEEM, Aurangabad), Prof. Lahane capably helped by numerous other staff and students of MGM University have made face shields which they are disseminating to doctors, police, sanitation workers and other cutting edge workers for nothing of cost.

The MGM group utilized three distinct materials, for example, stainless steel, acrylic, and MDF to make the plan of this face shield.

At first, the group utilized the laser cutting machine in its polytechnic college and produced 30 face shields in the principal bunch. They distributed the face shield to doctors in government medical clinics for testing.

“We had approached them for criticism and in the wake of utilizing the face shields for a couple of days; the doctors also offered us the go-ahead. At that point we chose to build our creation check”, he said.

Scaling up the creation of the face shield was where the graduated class of MGM approached to help. “We had the option to make a limit of just 200 pieces for each day with our college hardware and subsequently, we reached two of our graduated class and they permitted us to utilize their industrial facility gear for creation reason”, he said.

“During this entire procedure, assembling the raw materials and the transportation needs were finished with the assistance of the city police. With their authorization we did the dissemination procedure as well”, he included recognizing the help gave the city police.

The group has gotten a few requests for the face shields from different pieces of Maharashtra, for example, Latur and Kannad as is venturing up its creation. “We are intending to expand the creation and help different urban areas by giving these face shields at the creation cost. We would prefer not to make any benefit as the whole task is for the government assistance of society. Presently we are accepting sponsorship from Institution of Engineers India for delivering these face shields”, he educated.

Numerous instructive establishments and youthful personalities have been concocting new plans to help our bleeding-edge warriors to battle COVID-19. This undertaking is an extraordinary case of how youthful personalities of India alongside the direction of the seniors are taking up obligations during this flare-up.

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