Managing Growth And Inflation The Biggest Challenge says Experts

Former ED of RBI and a whole time member of SEBI – Mr. G Mahalingam expressed the above views while addressing the students of Great Lakes Institute of Management, a premier B-School in India in its 7th Annual Great Lakes – Union Bank Finance which was based on the theme “Making equities work for the commoner’. Beginning the conference, Great Lakes Founder, Dean and Chairman Dr. Bala V Balachandran was of the opinion that this year’s finance conference will bring some of the best intellects from the field of policy making, mutual funds and industry to analyze, debate and discuss the effectiveness of policy making process to help in maximizing wealth for a larger section of the society.

Outlining the effects of global financial crisis after 2009, Mr. G Mahalingam spoke on the effects of global financial crisis arising after 2009. He also spoke at length on the difficulties worrying the emerging market economies. “Managing growth and inflation has been the biggest challenge to the central banks of all the emerging markets; for which over-valuation and under-valuation of currency have been responsible, he said. Mr. Mahalingam was not sure as to why common people choose Bank fixed deposits over bonds, in spite of their excellent liquidity. He opined that experts should take the lead in developing more awareness in this area.

Growth and inflation


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kalpen Parekh wanted students to begin saving at the earliest. But the present situation speaks something different, it offers the consumers high returns by luring them into unwanted investment. Mr. Parekh said that apart from price inflation; managing the lifestyle has led to people taking investment related decisions. However, “Small capital and a long tenure never hurts”, was his opinion.

Appreciating the efforts of Great Lakes for a yet another successful annual finance conference, Mr. Nitesh Ranjan wanted equities to work in favor of the common man.

“While there is financial inclusion when it comes to traditional options like bank accounts, the case is different when it comes to equities. Even today, a local Bank, real estate agent or a gold jewelry shop are easy to access as compared to finding an equities expert. The number of choices for equities can puzzle the common man and this is where experts can be more effective, he said.


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