Learn From Them Learn With Them

Learn From Them Learn With Them

Arti Khungar, Principal, Happy English School, on the right attitude that a teacher must possess to engage students

Arti Khungar, principal of Happy English School since last 20 years, believes that she is into the education sector since birth. The legacy of Happy English School was initiated by her father.

On the evolution of education sector

The education sector has evolved a lot now in the 21st century and the focus is on skills development. The world is changing and the children are moving towards a global world. The education industry is also changing in that sense. Another focus point is on the development of thinking skills, problem-solving skills, learning to learn and skills to collaborate.

It is very important for a child to get ample exposure in the school itself in order to further become a holistic individual.

On the struggle during Covid

Covid taught us that anything and everything is possible. When it started, it was very disheartening since we were not able to see the students. We started off with training for both students and teachers during that time and shifted to hybrid mode. This makes them future ready.

When we shifted to hybrid, we observed that the school is no more restrained till 2’o clock for students. Having learned the skills of collaborating through Zoom, they have gained the skill of staying in touch with each other and this has also improved the group working.

Advice on how educators can improve

The most important thing is, who is teaching. So as an individual, how uncluttered you are, automatically gets transferred to the child. You cannot be stuck up in your own thoughts. Thus, there needs to be complete engagement.

If you love your students and are passionate about education, then the connection happens automatically. Once such connect happens, when the conversation starts, students are the ones leading the process by asking questions. It is an important way of engaging with the student and becoming a learner with them.

The attitude that it is okay to not know everything is very important for a teacher so that the educator can inculcate the same in students.

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