Kerala High School Teachers to Get IIT Insight

Now, high school teachers of Kerala will be armed with IIT knowledge. A total of 56,000 of them will soon get specialised training in Information Technology as part of the state government’s general education rejuvenation mission’.

The training is imparted under the IT@School, which is the government’s move to spread IT education in schools, from May 8 onwards.

The IT@School has designed an innovative project, aimed at training the teachers. It is second in the series, which has come after the launch of the ‘High Tech School’ project, which will look at digitising 45,000 classrooms in state-run schools.

The highlight of the training is to focus on practical sessions for the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in classroom transactions, said K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, IT@School Project.

The three-day training programme will look into specialised activities that make classroom activities easy for teachers such as preparing multi-media presentations, collecting digital contents such as text, pictures and videos from internet, then how to use such contents for developing content and language computing.


This training session is different from the routine ICT-based training, it aims to provide subject-wise ICT training to teachers this year, said said K Anvar Sadath.

“Subject experts and ICT experts would work in coordination to train teachers in this regard. All subjects, including languages form an important part of this training programme which includes training modules and e-contents which have been specially designed. There will be arrangements towards providing ICT training based on screen reading software exclusively for visually-challenged teachers, he said. A dedicated team would be assigned to monitor the progress and review the training programme.

The three-day training would be made effective by taking the help of over 1,100 trainers, spread across 550 centres. ICT learning and training are completely based on free software platform.

The training introduces specialised activities to design learning process by self and also to design contents in the right way, he said.


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