JNU V-C chargesheeted, JNUTA wants public hearing


The Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers’ Association (JNUTA) has recently served a “chargesheet” to the Vice-Chancellor.

The VC has to respond to the allegations by October 20, failing which there will be a public trial conducted by ’eminent’ lawyers and academicians against him.

What Are The Charges

The chargesheet has a detailed list of the charges against him, including violating statutory provisions, harassing teachers and promoting authoritarianism. After this the JNUTA has demanded that it will hold a public hearing against him.

The “charges” against Kumar include:

1. “repeated violation of statutory provisions”

2. “damaging interest of students aspiring for research, wasting public money”

3. “assaulting democracy and promoting authoritarianism”

4. “undermining anti-sexual harassment policy”

5. “displacing a callous attitude towards Najeeb Ahmad”.


JNUTA, in its memorandum to the VC, said that a ‘public inquiry’ can be conducted through the “powers vested with the JNUTA constitution and keeping in mind the objects of the association.”

JNUTA president Ayesha Kidwai said copies of the chargesheet would also be sent to the Visitor, Chancellor and the MHRD minister. “We will organise public hearings, headed by prominent senior academics/ journalists/judges and present the chargesheet before them to arrive at a verdict,” she said.

Speaking on whether the VC will be attending the inquiry or not, JNUTA president Ayesha Kidwai said that “if the VC wants to gain the respect of the teacher community, he should be involved in the inquiry.”


In its memorandum, JNUTA said that “if Jagadesh Kumar does not submit his written statement of defence on or before October 20, or does not appear personally, or through his representative before the inquiry committee, the inquiry may be held against him ex-parte.”

Despite repeated attempts, the JNU administration could not be reached for a reaction on the chargesheet.

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