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IT Trends That Will Influence Higher Education

One of the major changes that the 21st century brought with it was the adoption of technology into the education sector. Due to this, many universities are sheltering innovations and new ideas over time. Universities have become clever in using technology. They have embraced it wisely using it from manufacturing programs to its modern sports facilities. Institutes have also started using technology for better management of data and security, following the global IT trends of consuming time and money.

The universities have realised that to make an institution a success and well working, not only student’s growth is necessary, but the institute’s growth is also required to make it competitive. Therefore, universities have started using technology in higher education to make it innovative. Here are some IT Trends that will be a huge thing to look out for in 2018 for universities:

IT Trends

Data: The Decision Maker

With the number of growing institutions, the number of students is also growing simultaneously, therefore, maintaining data and records of so many students can also be difficult which can cause a lot of chaos within the university. Hence, the major adoption of technology in Education Sector in India is actually the transfer of data from offline modes to either cloud or online storage. So saying that there’s a major transformation in data analytics of universities is safe as a lot of universities have invested in such technologies.

The collection of records of the students also helps universities to pinpoint the needs of students. It helps them know where and when a student is struggling due to the given database and thus help them perform better in future. Hence, data will help to ensure a students success in different ways and also help the institute’s decision maker to make better education plans. So it’s natural that the adoption of technology for data analytics will continue to increase from this year.

Although the universities are making progress with the help of data, there is a huge scope of improvement to take a data-driven decision which we think will come with time and experience. In future, if the Indian Higher Education Sector wants to take the full advantage of technology to ensure its growth, then the use of data shouldn’t be limited to students. The data can be used to monitor campus spaces and computer labs usage, also to analyse the success rate of any plan before its execution. Not only this, if the institution wants to make this happen they also have to hire the best IT professional to assist them with their future visions.

IT Trends

Security: Need Of The Hour

How often is that we read in the newspaper that a certain paper of a subject is leaked? To ensure that no such thing happens in the future, universities have started using the best security packages that they get. Though universities are not targeted for cyber attacks like the Government, they will face the security threat from their competitors, workers or students like in any other industry. To prevent the compromise of data, your data should be protected at all times.

The main reason that universities are prone to cyber threat is that they are a pie that everyone wants, meaning, they store information relevant to many. To minimize this threat, one of the major steps will be to keep everyone from the Chancellor to the students informed how the data should be used and maintain it correctly ensuring safety for everyone on campus.

The institutions that understand the fact that everyone is equally important for the protection of data are doing well. They are doing a great job in providing education as well as training. While other universities are learning this need of the hour.

IT Trends

Mobile: The New Learning Zone

The major problem that teachers face while teaching is the usage of mobile phones hindering their teaching methods. One can say that mobile phones are their greatest enemy. But is it really the case? Even after teachers scold the students, they continue the use of these metallic boxes so why not use it to your benefit?

The use of mobile technology can come with a multitude of opportunities and information, only if you know how to use it wisely in your class. Mobile phones can be quite a distraction, hence to make your students more attentive and engaged in the classroom, a teacher should be very innovative as to how to use this device. You can read our article: “5 Technologies for Professors” to know more about this.

IT Trends

IT Team: The Back-end Players

In the Indian Higher Education System, previously there wasn’t much to the IT team. The only staff hired under the IT were the ones who would help around the computer labs. But if the Universities

If these trends are adopted fully then that day isn’t far that the Indian Higher Education is once again brooming in the global market. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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