About Teachers Day

It All About Teacher’s Day: Learn a New ABC

We all know almost everything about Teacher’s Day so let’s learn something very different this time.

So How about making Teacher’s Day this year a life-changing one..

Firstly im wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day. Have you ever thought who is our all-time teacher?

No, then start reading leaving everything at rest.

One of the great teachers is life because we continuously learn as we progress to the next stage. Its something on the tag of Learning happens anywhere and everywhere. It’s not only in school but at home, in the garden, at the temple, at the station or any other place for that matter. 

Everyone is a different kind of teacher whether it is a friend, a relative, your parents, grandparents, your peers and the list goes endless here. 

What we need is the curiosity and the urge to learn as and when it happens. Just observe and grab the point home when you sense it remotely

About Teachers Day

What is Life’s ABC?

By life’s ABCs I mean here the basic values, morals and principles that we have been forgetting in the present era. Once we combine all the items in the right amount we are bound to get an amazing recipe.

What does it mean?

Avoid confrontations and move away from fights and arguments whether it is professional or personal.

Believe in your potentials and venture out to accept challenges right from the very beginning stages.

Care and be kind to one and all. 

Decide and demand what you want and when you want.

Enhance your skills and abilities to move towards successful accomplishments.

Fasten your shoelaces and be ready to take up anything that comes your way.

Get to the sour grapes and turn them into sweet beverages by mixing with the right ingredients.

Heal those painful scars and apply the medicine of happiness.

Ignite your mind to ask for more and more.

Jump up to the stars move your ambitions so high to try and reach higher and higher.

Kindle the lost spirits and revive your mental faculties.

Light up the way for the less privileged ones.

Mind those words as the improper usage is as painful as weapons.

About Teachers Day

Nest the good qualities forever.

Open your arms to reach out to your kith and kin.

Pick up the pieces of broken relations to fix them.

Queue up to hope in everything.

Rest your inner fears and take charge.

Showcase the inner talent in you.

Tackle the hurdles to see the way further

Understand the language of nature.

Victory is determined for the confident lot.

Wisdom is gained with experience.

Xfactor should always be determined.

You must believe in your instincts.

Zeal combined with hard work is the key to success.

All these alphabets are introduced by our teachers and mentors but the way we identify them determines our way in life. 

Teachers and concepts are many but true learning happens on growing as an individual with all the necessary fixtures in place.

About Teachers Day

The Occasion: Teacher’s Day

5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day which is a tribute to the most renowned teacher Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This is something we all are listening and reading about Teacher’s Day since our childhood.

He is the one who was not only an educator but a well-known diplomat and scholar who also served as the President of India. His birth anniversary is celebrated with fervor and joy as Teacher’s Day. His contributions to the world of education were exemplary and beyond words.

I salute this great teacher on this special day.

Redefine Education- The Old School One

Education or learning is a very common term but do we understand the true meaning of the word?

No, we think that learning is just the memorization of concepts taught in the school and repetition of the same in the examinations to score marks and move from one standard to another.

This is not learning but learning happens when we understand, relate ideas and develop connections between our prior knowledge and the new knowledge that is being transferred to us in any particular environment. 

The application of the concepts that we learn and gain on a daily basis to a variety of different contexts is also a way of adding value to education. The right way of learning brings a change in the individual with a combination of experience for success in the future. The said change may happen at any stage or any area as we have our ABCs fixed too so no worries.

Learning is a continuous process and we should make efforts to channelize the same to the right direction. Once we combine the formal education with our criteria of ABCs it becomes a perfect food for the ever demanding soul and mind. 

What is the Teacher’s Role in Our Lives?

Teachers play a pivotal role in achieving this objective of giving the ultimate education to their learners. Besides providing formal education, the teachers have to don the role of an overall developer for the child. 

The present era demands a role change or transformation from the educators for the betterment of future children.

India has been progressing on the wheels of development in several ways and this change in the educational system through new teaching methods is surely going to make it happen.

So let’s take a pledge on this Teacher’s Day to redefine the ABCs of our life and bring glory to the name of our teachers, mentors and trainers. They have given nothing but relentless efforts to remove clouds of ignorance and help us see the sunshine of knowledge and wisdom.

We at Eduvoice salute all of you on this special day.

Happy Teachers Day!

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