IIM Bangalore to Host Webinars on National Education Policy

IIM Bangalore to Host Webinars on National Education Policy

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore’s Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will host two webinars on November 8 and November 15 as part of the Samiksha Series on the National Education Policy (NEP).

The first webinar titled ‘National Education Policy and its impact on the Education Landscape in India’ will be led by M. K. Sridhar, the president of the Centre for Educational and Social Studies (CESS) and a member of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and National Steering Committee-NEP, NCF. The Zoom session will be moderated by Abhay K. Ojha, the dean of Shiv Nadar University, Chennai. It will begin at 6 pm on November 8.

The second webinar on National Education Policy scheduled on November 15 will feature Shashi Tharoor, MP. The webinar titled ‘Is National Education Policy (NEP) a Game-Changer for Higher Education?’ will be moderated by journalist Shekhar Gupta.

The Samiksha series of webinars by the Centre for Teaching and Learning focuses on education and learning by bringing together eminent personalities.

The seminars are aimed at throwing light on the National Education Policy and discussing its impact and benefits. The National Education Policy was introduced in 2020 to have an education system in India by 2040 that is on a par with other countries. The policy targets to achieve quality education focused more on skills, practical knowledge and professional training. The policy was approved by the Union Cabinet on July 29, 2020. There are several projects and initiatives undertaken as per the National Education Policy 2020 in Indian schools, colleges and universities.

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