IIM Ahmedabad, The Most Preferred Institution for executive education

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad which was established in 1961 has now become the most preferred institution for the executive education. With the ranking of financial times, IIMA ranked 57thin the world and jumped 6 places above the last year. IIM director Errol D’Souza has given this information.

Financial Times ranked IIM Ahmedabad 57thin the world

In IIMA, every year round about 6000 companies come for professional training and more than 400 programs in different areas of management, such as finance, marketing, strategies, leadership run successfully. The institution was established with the aim of preparing the Trends Management Practitioner, who can lead and manage the Indian Industry. Till now, the institute has trained over 15,000 graduates and more than 30,000 people in different areas of management, such as finance, marketing, strategies, leadership.

Executive education

Executive Education Institute is a balanced amalgamation of academic and industry experts. It is themost expansive management programmes in India, with a portfolio of over 200 programmes. This programme main focus is to assist the development of outstanding leaders and reflect in academics. It comprises ofmultiple comprehensive programmes that are tailored with the needs and help to emphasise personal and professional growth.

In executive education programme each programme is designed in such a way that it address the distinct needs of specific executives at various points of the career and it will also help them to brush up their skills and progress in the long run . Every kind of person whether the entrepreneur, a General Manager or a CEO, these programmes with its distinctive faculty help in the growth which will act as an asset in the organisation.

Executives attending a total of 21 days in one or more programmes are eligible to become a member of the IIMA Alumni Association – an elite group of influential individuals worldwide- that will help to add vision and leadership.

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in past was ranked as the best management school in the country. In 2016, ranked IIM-A which has a rich legacy as an institution of excellence, was ranked as the second best by the NIRF. In 2017, the institute regained its top spot as the best B-school and it seems that 2018 ranking has cemented its position as the best IIM.

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