Himachal's Daughters Are Top In Pursuing Higher Education

Himachal’s Daughters Are Top In Pursuing Higher Education

Hamirpur (HP), Feb 13 (UNI) 11.2% more girls in Himachal Pradesh pursue higher education than boys, according to a report of AISHE.
The Gross Enrollment Ratio in the country is 27.3%, while in Himachal it is 38.7%, which means that Himachal has 11.4% more children pursuing higher education than the national average.
Notably, the percentage of girls is almost the same as of boys in the state.
According to the report, 62% of children in the age group of 18 to 23 years in Himachal are not pursuing higher education.
Himachal Pradesh ranks 8th in the average gross enrollment ratio in the country. Chandigarh ranks first in the country with a gross enrollment ratio of 66.1%. Pondicherry is second with a 60.8% gross enrollment ratio, Delhi third with 47.6%, Tamil Nadu fourth with 46.9%, Uttarakhand fifth with 45.7%, and Kerala sixth with 43.2%, and Telangana seventh with 39.1% gross enrollment ratio.
On the other hand, Himachal Pradesh is in the sixth position in the country in the gross enrollment ratio of girls. Chandigarh tops the list of girls with 77%, followed by Pondicherry at 61.1%, Kerala at 52.3%, Delhi at 48.5%, Tamil Nadu at 48.6%, and Uttarakhand at 48.9%.
A total of 2.89 lakh students are registered in the Higher Education Institution of Himachal. Of these, 1.32 lakh are boys and 1.57 lakh are girls. There are a total of 454 higher education institutions in the state. These include 27 universities, 344 colleges, and 83 other higher education institutions.
In Himachal Pradesh, most of the girl students remain in the top 10 in the 10th, 12th, and graduation examinations. For more than a decade in the state, whether it is CBSE or ICSE board examinations, girls have had more dominance than boys.
This shows that girl students in the state are more aware of studies in this state.

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