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Government Initiates Plan To Open IITs and Other Top Institutes’ Campuses Abroad

The Ministry of Education has already started a discussion with the top-notch Indian institutions such as IITs and others to set-up the campuses of these institutions abroad. 

The central government of India wants to open the campuses of top-notch higher educational institutions like India Institutes of Technology (IITs) and other institutions abroad.

The opening of campuses abroad is a part of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This calls for the internationalization of education. As per the guidelines of New Education Policy, foreign universities will be allowed to set up their campuses in India and the top-notch Indian institutions will be allowed to set-up their campuses abroad.

The Ministry of Education has already started a discussion with top-notch institutions such as IITs in this regard. V. Ramgopal Rao who is the Director of IIT Delhi in an interview mentioned that the Ministry of Education has written a letter to them asking if they are interested in taking up their institutes to other countries and how they plan to do it.

V. Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT Delhi conferred “The NEP also talks about this (internationalization of education)… while they are inviting international universities to come and set up campuses here, they are also encouraging our leading institutions to go out and start campuses elsewhere. In fact, MHRD (ministry of education) has already written to us, asking ‘are you interested in taking this up and how do you plan to do that”.

He further added that “One of the reasons why our international rankings don’t look so good is because our footprint is so small. It’s all limited to India. We do not have any presence outside India, our students, faculty, staffs are all Indian”.

Also, V. Ramgopal Rao explained the current scenario with an example “If IIT Delhi sets up a campus in the Middle East, we will have students and faculty from there and our footprint will increase.”

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