Google to launch ‘Digital Citizenship’ course in India

Google has joined hands with NCERT in order to integrate a course on digital citizenship and safety in the ICT (Information and communication technology) curriculum. The idea behind the same is to mark ‘Safer Internet Day 2018’ and put emphasis on making the web a safer place. Also, a curriculum has been created by Google for teachers, so that they can help students learn about digital citizenship in their classrooms.


  1. This launch will help students all across the country learn how to become responsible digital citizens, through structured classroom modules on the social, ethical and legal aspects of internet safety.
  2. Through our course integration with NCERT, we aim to catch children young and teach them the essentials of staying safe, while exploring the online world
  3. This initiative will prepare our students to identify the threats and ensure a safe web experience online.”

About the programme course

A range of specific resources for kids and educators will be provided, which will enable them with the tools they need to learn and educate themselves on internet safety. The syllabus for online safety has been divided into four overarching themes –

— Being smart

— Being safe

— Being a digital citizen

— Being future ready

The curriculum is structured to match the intellectual and curiosity needs of different age group of the children.

As they advance through their classes, they will be taught more advanced topics such as privacy, device management, intellectual property and reputation management. Finally, as they become ready to graduate as digital citizens, they will be prepared with online financial literacy and cyber crime concepts so that they are future ready.

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