Citing Nobel Numbers, Goa Governor Raises Low Spending on Education


Goa Governor Satya Pal Malik on Wednesday said that India has five Nobel laureates, stating that six of the 12 Indians who have won the award is a “foreigner.” One award winner was ‘Mother Teresa.’

Speaking at a function organized by the National Institute of Oceanography in Panaji, Malik said inadequate government spending on could be the reason behind the low number of the country’s Nobel laureate.

“There are only 12 Nobel Prize winners in the country, of whom six were foreigners. One is Mother Teresa, so we have five. In England and America, one university has somewhere about 150 Nobel Prizes winners. They have quality education and spend a lot of money on values in education. This does not happen here. Here, no more than six percent of the central budget is spent on education. How are we going to have the quality of education? “He said.

The Governor also pointed towards the need to put more capital in improving the agricultural country. “The time will come when the power of the country will be determined by the quantum of wheat or results and not by the size of its armed forces.” He said.

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