About the Founder

Ms Sujata Mehta founded Eduvoice as a platform to build a community of educators, professionals and academics to come together and act on improving the higher education industry. With an intent to giving back to society, She has also actively participated in various health camps and environmental drives all across town in pursuit of helping people. These activities inspired her to do more for the community and work on the enhancement of the society,


Sujata undertook higher education as her pathway to create a change in society as the education sector as compared to other sector has seen a slower rate of improvement. To address this issue, she created a platform to build a community that can influence this pace


She started Eduvoice as a way to create a difference in the higher education sector by building strong communities. Sujata’s passion for entrepreneurship is easily seen by the way she makes her company stand on its own. Over a career spanning nearly a year, she has built a rock-solid reputation for her unending passion, absolute integrity, high energy and unwavering commitment to her work and the industry as a whole.


She looks at the higher education industry as one of the most important pillars for our country’s development and well being. She has a strong belief that the higher education industry is one of the most important pillars for our country’s development and well being. She also believes that the higher education system in India has a very slow pace of improvement, which inspired her created a platform to build a virtual community that can influence this pace.


Her vision for the company is to build a strong and diverse community that is able to present revolutionizing ideas to the policymakers and educational institutes in order to build a better functioning system for the higher education industry and making the centre more interactive and dynamic.


Sujata is an alma mater of the Maharaja Sajiyarao University of Baroda, Vadodara from which she received her Master’s degree in Pharmaceuticals and a Bachelors in Pharmaceuticals from College of Pharmacy, IPS Academy, Indore. Being from a pharmaceutical background, Sujata had the professional skills and discipline which are needed to work on an important project. These skills came in handy when she started Eduvoice with three interns and a designer to create the interface and start this new chapter of her life.


She described Eduvoice as not just a startup she runs, but as a community-building initiative to bring together the people having a connection to the higher education and wants to create a difference in the existing methodologies and the society.