Liladhar Jagudi

Failure in school is not end of life says Liladhar Jagudi

The ‘Second Failure Conclave’ saw the presence of some eminent people who achieved great success despite initial hiccups.

The conclave featured poet and Padmashree awardee Liladhar Jagudi, retired professor of Physics from NAS College, Meerut, Yogesh Sharma and associate professor Pernell Gooch from University of Sweden. All these distinguished people have failed at some juncture of their school life.

Addressing the gathering, Leeladhar Jagudi said:

1. Failing in class is not the end of life and that students must look forward instead of being bogged down by a failure.

2. He shared anecdotes from his childhood about how seldom he used to attend his school in Uttarakhand.

3. I also enrolled myself in a school where I failed five to six times. But this did not sway me from my quest for knowledge.

Leeladhar Jagudi is an eminent Padmashree awardee, who is also a globe trotter.

Yogesh Sharma said that he failed in Physics in the intermediate exam. “This did not dissuade me. I completed my doctorate in the same subject and went on to become a professor,” boasted Sharma, who has many students doing Ph.D in Physics under his guidance.

Pernell Gooch, said that she had to repeat class when she was in the sixth standard. She then went to Copenhagen in 1968 for pursuing academics, where she married a British youth. They went to Sweden and started living in a farm, where they milked goats for a living. It was then that Pernell decided to study and completed her PhD at the age of 40. She later became a professor and has written several research papers.

‘Second Failure Conclave’ 

The conclave is the brainchild of RLEK chairperson Avdhadh Kaushal. The society usually hails those who are achievers and ignore failures.

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