Everything About Robotics With Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra

The rate at which the technology has developed is tremendous. There is a walking machine out there in the market that obeys commands and also has an infinite amount of information and solution to one’s problem. 

Once Bill Gates said, “Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic as compared to today.” It is completely true as the invention of Robotics has been by far one of the most mind-blowing inventions. 

The future is full of Robotics, AI, as well as other technologies & one, needs to be tech-savvy to sustain in the changing environment. Technology has already changed the style of living of people as robots have already started replacing the Human Resource.

Today, advanced robots have already surprised the people who couldn’t have fathomed the existence of AI bots like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. But thanks to tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and others that continue to set the pace because this sector is something to marvel at.

These creations did not just happen in a snap, lots of great engineers have worked really hard on it and then the breakthrough in the field of Robotics was achieved. Engineers still are working on making more real robots that people can use in their daily lives. 

Robotics Engineers are people who are tech-savvy and creative at the same time. They are responsible for designing, testing, and building robots. Many companies hire Robotic Engineers just to make them design a robot that will reduce the workload of their company. Also, engineers should be there as they know how to operate a robot because at the end of the day it is a machine and needs a human to control it.

Eduvoice Understanding The Needs And Bridging The Gap!!

The demand for a Robotics expert has increased a lot within a decade. It really has a very high scope in the future. Due to this particular reason, it is important for students to know more about this field.

To explore more around this region we at Eduvoice invite corporate leaders who are experts in this domain. They share their insights on how a fresher can step into this domain and what all skills they need to possess in order to lay a strong foundation. All these factors will not only create more such leaders but will also reduce the gap between the Educational Sector and Industrial Sector. 

Let’s Get To Know Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra!!

This time we got a wonderful opportunity to have an insightful conversation with Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra, Managing Director(South East Asia & India) at Kemppi Oy & a renowned TEDx speaker.

To begin with, we first asked him about his journey to which he replied that after completing his engineering he had no clue what he wanted to do. He also did not have much industrial knowledge about what the organizations expected from him.


Mr. Mohapatra begins to work in the industry for three years and then went to pursue an MBA. There he got some good exposure and knowledge. He still remembers what one of his professors said on his very first day that he has only come here to learn basic sense and this is what he himself believes.

After completing his masters, Rashmi Ranjan joined a company where he saw a completely different environment and he faced difficulty in adjusting as he was a youngster at that point in time but then eventually he learned that one needs to adapt and adjust with any company they join.

What Are Things That Robotics Is Looking For In A College Pass Out?

Eduvoice team then asked him about the skill set that an optimum candidate should possess in order to function effectively and efficiently in the domain of Robotics to which he said that he is more into Robotics Welding so for this particular stream of Robotics companies expect that the candidates can give result from day one itself, they should already be well trained about the robots and machinery.

He further added that just so that students come well trained his company has reached out to the colleges and trained the trainers themselves so that they can teach and train their students well.

Also, they have four centers in India where they have robots & students from the collaborated colleges come, work, and gain personal experience as well as confidence in working with robots and technologies.

We then asked him about what do the companies expect from students from different tiers of colleges to which he replied, “Tiers don’t matter much, confidence is one key factor that every organization looks for other than the right skill set.”

He also added that confidence is something that comes from within and is mostly in tier one college students. But if tier two or three has a set of students who have passion, skill set and confidence even they get hired.

A Word About Higher Education From The Industry

On asking Rashmi Ranjan about his views on the current Education System, he said that he feels that it should be upgraded completely as he himself works with the skill development sector.

He feels that not just the college but the whole system should be re-looked. He further said that we should take inspiration from the countries that excel in education like Finland.

Mr. Mohapatra then added that we need to modify our system with newer approaches. He believes that our ITI is a failure, diploma colleges are nowhere near good and so is the under graduation therefore all of these need modification. 

He further suggested that they should collaborate with the Industrial Sector as that will fasten the cycle and if not then it will be a normal cycle.

We then asked Rashmi about one thing about Finland’s Education System that he would like to implement in our nation to which he replied that there the schools don’t have subjects they just pick a topic and discuss it thoroughly.


This is how the students learn concepts of every subject one by one which is really helpful as they have full knowledge about every concept not just its and bits about the topic.

He also added that there are resources that can be used in order to make changes for betterment. It’s just that we need the right people to streamline them. For example, if not physically then people can use virtual mode to learn things. 

“I feel that collaboration of Academia and Industry should happen in 11th standard only. Students should be taught how an industry works by internships or by any other activity as it will clear the mind of the student.”

 He concluded by saying that the system is too old for the present and needs an upgrade soon.

Rashmi Ranjan’s Say On Eduvoice And It’s Initiative.

Mr. Mohaptra appreciated Eduvoice and its initiative. He also believes that the higher education system should be upgraded soon. He himself is also working for this as he thinks that the gap between the Industrial Sector and the Educational sector should be reduced so that the education system can be improved.

Mr. Rashmi made us believe that if somebody has the right amount of dedication they can achieve everything and anything in life.


Moderated by: Jayesh Pawar
Arranged by:  Piyush Mohanty

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