Enrolment For Google Certificate Course in IT has been all set to go

Google Certificate Course


The enrolment for Google Certificate course in IT has begun and it would be taking place through Coursera and it would be a stepping stone for freshers


The certificate course is the stepping stone for freshers willing to enter IT industry. It has been designed to bridge the gap between job seekers and entry-level IT support jobs globally. One of the highlights of the programme is that it will also allow those enrolled to share their information with companies looking to hire entry-level support professionals including Google itself.


–The course is of 8 months duration.

— Anyone who enrolls for the program is expected to dedicate 8-10 hours a week.

— There are total 6 courses which together form the programme.

— Students can take up the courses in the suggested order or choose according to their preference.

— The programme also includes projects which are designed to help practice and apply skills learnt during the duration of the programme.


The programme is delivered online which makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere. What makes the program inclusive is that there is no minimum eligibility criteria required and anyone without any prior experience in the IT industry can take up the course. The programme aims to prepare students with the necessary skills for entry level jobs in IT industry which do not require a formal degree.

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