Engineering, tech degrees valid: Condition Applies

Engineering degree

Technology and Engineering Degree, diplomas granted by professional bodies, including the Institution of Engineers (India), to thousands of students till May 31, 2013, stand valid “for all purposes” ranging from employment in government sector to higher education.

Technology and Engineering degree validity

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has restored their recognition, approximately five years after the human resource development (HRD) ministry withdrew the recognition and equivalence of the programmes offered by the bodies following complaints of alleged irregularities.The decision was taken at a recent “emergency meeting” of the council.


“All those students who were enrolled with these institutions with permanent recognition up to May 31, 2013, stand recognised,” said a senior AICTE official.

“After reviewing the issue, a decision was taken to recognise equivalence for all purposes, including higher education and employment, to the technical courses conducted by the professional bodies and institutions which were duly recognised by HRD ministry with permanent recognition up to May 31, 2013,” the official added.


The move will affect thousands of students who were left in the lurch after the ministry de-recognised the programmes in December 2012.

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