educational technology

What is the Difference between Educational Technology and Instructional Technology?

Educational Technology

educational technology

Educational technology is more student-centric i.e focus is on how applications whether desktop, web-based or mobile creates a new and exciting platform for delivery of knowledge and skills. The purpose is to deliver it in ways which are interactive and immersive experiences via augmented reality or virtual reality for educational purposes.

  • Is specific to the development of teaching and learning
  • Educational Technology applies theories of instruction, learning, behavioral and cognitive psychology to assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation of instructional material
  • It also applies research, theory, technologies, and psychology to solve instructional and performance problems
  • Is an approach used to achieve the ends of education

What Educational Technologists do?

  • Designing instructions
  • Producing and delivering instructional materials
  • Managing instructional computing services or learning resources collections.
  • Applying theories of research and cognition to utilize technology for the benefit of the learner/student.

Instructional Technology

instructional technology

Instructional technology is the process of executing instructions which are technology-driven for both online and offline learning for teaching and learning in a specific area in-depth. These instructions are executed and delivered at a pace at which a learner would be able to apply to solve a problem or develop their ideas in a structured and systematic way.

  • Instructional technology deals with the process of using technology for instruction
  • Describes the technologies that facilitate access to information of all types
  • Includes acquisition, processing, storage, and dissemination of information in all of its forms.
  • It also includes evaluation, management, and integration of instruction with tools available.

What Instructional Technologists do?

  • Identifying and analyzing problems of the instructional design.
  • Devise and implement solutions to those problems.
  • Integrating people, procedures, ideas, and devices for the purpose of providing tools which enhance the overall learning process.

It would seem that Instructional and Educational Technology are synonymous.

The simple definition for each makes the distinction of their difference: Instructional Technology is the tool and Educational Technology is the procedure for using that tool.

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