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Education Start-Up Targets Students, Parents, Teachers

News Source: PTI : A new education start-up aims at providing an innovation education module. The theme is “effective parenting and teaching” and having programmes that not only help the students but parents and teachers.


Satam Patnaik, M Harihara Sarma, Arnab Sadhu and Jaya Gaur Sadhu founded EduTalent hoping to revolutionise the education system by making learning fun yet effective.

It has something for everyone, says Mr Patnaik.

“It is basically designed for students to make learning stress free, exciting and interesting. It is also a helping tool for effective and stress-free parenting besides a support system for teachers and schools,” he says.


One can enrol with Edutalent programs through direct school tie-ups, interactions with parents during PTM sessions in schools, various camps conducted by Edutalent in housing societies or even online.


The programmes are all certified and managed by experienced professionals from the field of IT, education and other allied sciences, says Patnaik.

“Our analysts, trainers and counsellors are all very well trained and certified in their related fields. We constantly work on the feedback received from parents, teachers and educational institutions and fine tune various process and programs,” he says.

Having invested through seed capital, the founders are now exploring potential investors starting from government agencies, banks, angel investors to crowd funding.

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