Education Policies to Get Reform; UGC, AICTE Would Be Merged In the Coming Year

Education Policies

India has good command over education; be it science or arts or any other Educational courses, we have Over 1000 universities and 50000+ institutions to teach students in the country. But there are various entrance tests and admission procedures in these colleges that bring up hindrances in the students’ enthusiasm to study. Thus, the Higher education secretary has proposed a reform in the education policies and introduced a single entrance examination to get admission across all UGC and AICTE universities in India.

The decision that has been taken by Amit Khare

Higher education secretary Amit Khare said he wasn’t to bring reform in the Education Policy to accelerate the way education is being seen in the country for now. He said in attachment,

When will these changes come — you will see them in 2021 itself. In the education sector, you have UGC, then for technical courses (you have) the AICTE, for teacher education, there is NCTE — all of them will get merged. And in the next academic session, we’ll be having one single Higher Education Commission of India”. He further added, “multiple entries and exit systems that we are introducing will allow a student to take a sabbatical for a year, come back and join the system without losing out on the credits that she or he has already earned.

Amit Khare

Khare also proposed business reform alongside education reform

Amit Khare said he wants to bring reforms in the education system in accord with the private sector business roles.

I want to talk about the ease of doing business or how the private sector is viewed. Now, the policy now has very clearly mentioned the role of the private sector. They are not to be profiteering but reasonable surpluses have to be generated. It is obvious that no enterprise would be able to operate. If reasonable surpluses are not generated. A very important change which this policy has brought in is to balance the regulatory structures for the private as well as public

Amit Khare

The shortcomings that can take place due to this decision

Though this decision is taken to accelerate the Education policies, there will be some shortcomings in executing this process. Like the management of the entire examination process, the equation of the admission process for even deciding the merit list amongst such a vast lot of students. But hopefully, there would be better educational reforms in the coming years when this becomes a regular one.

The Policy Times suggestion

  • It is high time we bring such reforms in the Education Policies of India. Apart from this, the government must also emphasize the fact that there must be Knowledge Outside Books. The students must be taught how to be more creative and skillful rather than just acquiring bookish knowledge.
  • The single entrance exam for admission under UGC and AICTE approved colleges would ensure that the students get equal opportunities to show their grip over attaining Higher Education. But it must be ensured that only academics are not judged as the parameter to get admission to the colleges, other skills must also be taken into consideration for the purpose.

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