EdTech Expectations from Budget 2021

EdTech Expectations from Budget 2021

Union Budget 2021 Expectations: From switching to digital learning to adopting the vocational courses by the professional, 2020 has brought many challenges for the education sector. However, EdTech companies expect assistance from budget 2021 for various tax cuts, setting up of Fab labs, and other benefits to cope with the covid19 pandemic.

During the recent speech by PM Modi, “Startups in India today are the MNCs for tomorrow,” this shows the importance of startups because now in India, there are 25+ Unicorns, which has generated millions of jobs. As covid19 has affected the growth of Startups & MSME.

So in my Point of View Following Steps Must be Taken in Order to Make a Startup Sector a Successful Model:

  • Existing Incubators & accelerator program must expand their footprint to provide real technical support to them by connecting them with Industry, which can really address the exact pain point of startups in ramping up in development & commercializing the product, including steps to reduce the product or services cost as well as time to market.
  • To attract foreign or domestic investment for startups, the government must reduce the taxes as dividend tax, capital gains tax, which can give investors’ confidence to invest in India because taxes are very high in India compared to other countries, which provides them with second thoughts before investing.
  • For electronics manufacturing, as we know, there is no Fab Lab in India, so the cost of manufacturing electronic products is higher (as compared to China & other countries) due to high import duties. The only option is to have Fab Lab in India or reduce import duty, making Indian product – the most preferred one all over the globe. To have Fab Lab in India would be the preference, but it requires considerable funds too.
  • To achieve a $ 5 trillion economy by 2025, our honorable PM’s vision, competitive manufacturing, supply-chain ecosystem & quality product is important to outshine competitors worldwide.

What are your Expectations from the Modi Government Regarding the EdTech Sector Through Budget 2021?

In the statement released by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, “100 years of India wouldn’t have seen a Budget being made post-pandemic like this.” Hence, there seems to be a high possibility that the Education budget will cross Rs. 100,000 crore in FY 21-22.

From my perspective, the Government of India must spend at least 6% of its GDP on improving the EdTech sector resulting in the workforce quality for New India. With the announcement of national education policy, to make it best across the globe for research & innovation, the considerable fund is required to form a talented pool in various sector including medical, military, agriculture, finance, transportation, construction, etc.

India is having the largest percentage of youth who have shown interest in online education to upskill themselves. Still, during COVID-19, we have seen that infrastructure is lagging in order to deliver online education to aspirants. Even when we were giving online sessions to candidates, so some of them were not having good internet speed or computer system, especially in Tier 3 districts, so through budget 2021, there will be an expectation to build up the EdTech ecosystem for citizens to scale up their skills as online education can be made accessible & scalable for both applicants as well as for EdTech firms.

What Advantages will Universities and Colleges get if There is an Increase in the Education Budget of 2021?

Education Institution requires considerable improvement in order to scale up the employment ratio. There is a considerable demand for a skilled & talented workforce. With the education budget of 2021, institutions would expect to elevate infrastructure according to the Industry’s demand for the new age technology like Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, digital marketing, Internet of Things, etc. Considering the latest trends in the technology, the government has launched NEP 2020 with the plan like the top universities can plan for the set up in other countries as well.

Apart from infrastructure, the institution must set up a plan to upskill the faculty & candidate with Industry connect skill development program, which will help the education system bridge the gap between Academia & Industry. In the future, these steps will be going to increase the employability ratio across various Tech & Non-Tech sectors.

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