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Dual Degree Of Engineering And Economics Now Possible

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has given its approval to a suggestion that will currently permit students to seek after dual educational degrees simultaneously.

The commission in its most recent gathering endorsed synchronous dual degrees for students in India, permitting students to finish courses in the equivalent or various streams simultaneously. One of the two degrees, notwithstanding, must be through ordinary mode and different must be through online distance learning (ODL).

Affirming the turn of events, UGC secretary Rajnish Jain said,

“The dual degree program in India, where students are permitted to acquire two degrees all the while has been endorsed by the commission in its most recent gathering. A warning with respect to a similar will be given soon.”

Indian higher education organizations as of now offer integrated degrees like a B.Tech with MS, which consolidates undergraduate and postgraduate projects and lessens the time length for the course. A B.Tech + MS integrated degree, for instance, is a five-year course, which would have taken six years if the projects were sought after independently.

The dual-degree that the UGC has now affirmed will presently permit, for instance, an engineering student to all the while taking a crack at economics or a psychology course or a literature student to seek after a political science course.

The better insights concerning qualifications are being turned out to be by the commission and will be discharged soon.

Clarifying the choice further, UGC vice-chairman Bhushan Patwardhan revealed that the commission had taken popular sentiment before giving a thumbs up to the program.

“We had requested input from the general population about the dual-degree program and in their answers, individuals disclosed to us that they think having a dual-degree program was a forward-looking and a student-accommodating thought. It would give more alternatives to students as far as professional decisions,” Patwardhan said.

He featured the main condition to seeking after dual degrees — one course must be done through standard mode and the other one through distance mode.

“According to UGC regulations, the least level of participation is required for a student to accomplish a degree, which is the reason it is vital that a student seeks after one degree through normal mode and another through distance learning,” he included.

Indeed, even as the commission guarantees that it has gotten positive criticism, a few specialists have anxieties about the thought.

A previous UGC chairperson disclosed that students may think that it’s hard to finish the two courses simultaneously.

“The possibility of a dual degree is acceptable on the grounds that it will give greater work chances to students yet what a number of students will have the vitality to take up two-degree courses simultaneously is an inquiry,” the chairperson said.

“Regardless of whether one degree is through customary mode and another is on the web, students are finishing sure credits to get the degree. To shuffle between two will be an assignment.”

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